Me and you

What happen when niall sister Emily horan like Louis and Louis like her too. Will they go out ? Or willl there love fall apart ? In order to find out ,Emily will tell her love left with you and what will happen and stuff


1. nialler

-ring ring -"shut up"I moaned . It keep ring and I was in a amazing dream . I got up from my bed and walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth . I took a quick shower .

5min in the shower

I got out of the shower and look at my closet , I found light blue rip jeans with white convers and a loose t shirt . I walk down stairs and said hi to my dad . "Were mom ?"I ask while looking around to see where mom is at . "Oh she left early -"my dad got cut of by the bell door ."I got it "I yelled across the living room ,I open the door and I can't belive who it was ."NIALLER" I yelled in a happy way . I hug him , "hey how are you doing ?"niall said while hugging me . "Good why are you here , not that I am complaining ".i said."oh yea , do you want to go to tour with us ?"niall said with hope . "YES"I yelled again and hug him titter ."okay go get your stuff ready ."niall said while walking to the kitchen ,were my dad is at . I ran to my room and got my things ready .

Niall Pov

"Hey dad , how are you ?"I ask ."good and you , also did she say yes about the tour ?"my dad said while washing the dishes ."yea she is "

Emily Pov

"READY" I yell while I am going down stairs . "Oh the lads are at the airport ,we are going to New York then California ."niall said with a happiness . "Okay nialler."I said , I can't belive I am going on tour with the lads , especially Louis .( I have a secerat crush on him )

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