Two Crazy Worlds


1. Welcome


I'm practical, plain, common, but the one thing I'm not is stupid. people may say I  have brains and that i only focus on my homework. I do a lot more focus then on homework i hear plenty. Like this girl at school got arrested for selling fake ID cards.  I know i'm probably better off not hearing but it's interesting.  Anyway I'm standing here starring at a guy I know ill never be with. That was until he saw me and is now coming over here. Be cool, be cool. " Hey I saw you looking at me and I wanted to say hi i'm Drake." Oh no he saw me say hello hurry! " Hey i'm Shelby." Okay good now listen. " You wanna go out sometime?" Okay he just asked me out and I never thought he would. " Sure I would like that. " Great i'm good now walk away Now! after that i went straight home. I was so sure I would be more excited. Drake and I are like totally the same person. The next morning I got up early to go to school. When I walked in there he was making out with some chick! " Drake!" Um be cool but mean. " Oh hey Shelby this is Courtney." Wow say something quick! " Oh really because i'm your girlfriend!" " Whoa wait dating Drake? I thought we are dating?" I cant believe this guy! " We are Court, wait Shelby When i asked you out I meant to study." I'm about to cry keep still. " Oh, whatever then and no i wont help you!" walk away, now you can start crying. There I was crying in the bathroom. Wait maybe i can show Drake i'm not only helpful for homework, but maybe SEX can come in handy. I know i'm still a virgin it will be easy! " Drake look sorry for earlier but i want to know if you want to come over tonight and my parents are out of town, it can be like a friends with benefits type of thing." Before i said anymore there i was making out with Drake. 

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