Wrong Number

Aubry's Valentine's date was a dud being stood up by the guy she had the biggest crush on, when she calls the number to her best friend that she had memorized only to find out that with a slip of a button she has dialed the wrong number, only to receive a masculine voice on the other line that didn't match up to her best friends voice, just to discover she called one of the boys to the biggest boyband in the world


1. Just One Call

Aubrey ran home quickly jogging up the stairs to her room wiping the tears from her eyes as she dialed the number that she had memorized it rang multiple times common, pick up she mumbled to herself as she bit her nails "Hello?" A male voice answered.

Aubrey's heart sank. This wasn't Ally

"uh, Hello? " He asked again

"I'm, s-sorry wrong number." Aubrey sniffled.

"Hold on a minute, are you crying?"

"N-no" Aubrey answered wiping the tears from her eyes with her sleave

"What wrong love? It's Valentine's day you shouldn't be crying" He said sympathetically.

"That's exactly why I'm crying, it's Valentine's day and I have just been stood up." She huffed.

"Well I don't think someone as lovely as you should deserve to be alone." He said

"You don't even know me, how do you know if I'm lovely?" She asked.

"Well you sound lovely" He stated. Aubrey chuckled lightly to herself.

"I'll tell you what, how about I meet you at Starbucks just outside of Westfield in an hour yea?" Aubrey hesitated "don't worry." He chuckled "I'm not a creep"

she smiled slightly. "How am I going to know who you are?" She asked

"Just look for the boy in the blue Beanie and black rey-bans sitting in the back corner." He said and with no further words he hung up.

Audrey got up off her bed completely forgetting to call her friend as she walked up the her mirror fixing her smudged makeup.


Over at Starbucks Louis sat anxiously waiting as he sipped on his tea the place was full of couples making Louis alone, after all it was Valentine's day and he didn't even have a date, he considered this a date.

Is it a date? He thought to himself. Louis had managed to find a seat as promised at the back. He jumped slightly when a girl walked in, she was by herself as she looked around Starbucks in search of someone. Louis took the opportunity to stand up to make himself more visible, she blushed when she saw him as she made her way over to his table, she was rather short but sporting a nice black pencil skirt and a peach collared shirt with a grey cardigan and silver flats

"you are just as lovely as I pictured" Louis said as she joined him at the table,

Aubrey took in his appearance Louis was wearing a blue Beanie, a simple black T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. "I'm Aubrey" the girl said extending a hand out to Louis who gladly shook it in responce

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson" he said with a grin.

Aubrey froze when she heard his name it couldn't be.

Louis chuckled "not much of a creep now am I ?" Louis asked with a cheeky grin

"No" Aubrey chuckled "not at all" she said.

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