And Baby Makes Three.

Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction.
The story & adventures of my OC, Jackie Briefs. Daughter of Bulma & Vegeta


12. Tiny Bundle Of Joy or Disaster?

Vegeta woke up by Jackie's cries. He got up from bed and made his way to her room.

She had woken up and was crying a waterfall. Once Jackie sees Vegeta, she stops crying and looks up to her father. Vegeta noticed that she had opened her eyes. Big blue orbs were watching him.

Vegeta smiled. Bulma walks in wearing her robe.

"Our little princess woke up?", she asked giggling. Vegeta nodded.

Bulma playfully hit him.

"Come on", she says. "The others will be here to see Jackie".

Vegeta groaned. He knew he had to see that stupid Kakarrot.

After getting dressed, they all were in the kitchen eating.

Vegeta eating as usually, and same thing for Trunks. Bulma stared at them.

Jackie was being fed by a bottle by Bulma.

Trunk's P.O.V.

I saw mom giving Jackie her bottle.

I could've sworn she had a sad look in her eyes. "What's wrong, Jackie?", I ask warmly. Of course, she doesn't answer me. But her eyes are focused on my bacon and eggs. I grab Jackie and let her sit on my lap and I give her a piece of bacon.

"Trunks!", my crazy mother yells. "What?", I ask so innocent.

"She is still a baby. She can't bite yet", she lectures me. I look to my dad for help.

"Actually, since she has Saiyan blood, she already has at least a few teeth", my dad explained. My mom looks at Jackie's mouth and her face drops.

"Mom, I'm waiting..", I tell her. She sends a glare.

"Trunks stop harassing your mother. She and I brought you into this world and we can take you out", my dad says sternly.

Suddenly I feel grossed out.

"Thanks for my health lesson", I say with sarcasm.

The doorbell rings and my mom and I go get it while my dad feeds Jackie.

Vegeta's P.O.V.

I gave Jackie another piece of bacon. She giggles. I smile.

Usually I never smile. But she's an exception, and my family of course.

With my Saiyan hearing I hear Kakarrot and his family talking in the living room.

I whisper to Jackie, "You will despise Kakarrot and his off-spring. And maybe his father".

Jackie looks at me and nods. As if she understood me. "Vegeta!", Bulma yells.

I carry Jackie and walk into the room.

Trunks was playing with mini-Kakarrot. Teenage Kakarrot was with his mother sitting down talking to Bulma.

Kakarrot was standing behind his mate. Once again, I whisper to Jackie,

"That one is Kakarrot, that one is teenage Kakrrot, and that one is mini-Kakarrot". The baby darts her eyes from Goku to Gohan and finally Goten.

Normal P.O.V.

Bulma grabs Jackie and lets ChiChi carry her. "Aren't you just adorable?", ChiChi squealed. Bulla laughs in return.

Gohan carries her. Jackie laughs at him. "Hey, I'm not trying to be funny", he said in a sad tone. Vegeta smirked.

Jackie cooed and laughed, and soon everybody laughs along.

"She likes you, Gohan", Bulma said. Gohan mouthed an 'oh'.

He gives her back to Bulma.

"I guess Jackie loved all of you", Bulam said. "Oh, Goku say hi".

Goku went up to her. "Hi", he said with his Son grin.

Jackie's face went from a smile to a classic Vegeta face.

Goku laughed nervously. He turned away.

He looked back to find Jackie staring at him. Goku screams and runs behind ChiChi. "What's wrong, honey?", ChiChi asked her terrified husband.

"She scares me!", Goku yelled.

Vegeta smirked. That's my girl, he thought to himself.

They all laughed.

Before the Son family left. ChiChi went up to Bulma.

"You know, 18 and I are going to a spa. Wanna join us?", she asked.

"I would but who could watch the baby", Bulma pointed out.

"Vegeta will be going to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Goku and Gohan to train or something, so I have to take care of Jackie and Trunks".

Trunk's P.O.V.

"Call me if you change your mind!", ChiChi yelled as she was leaving.

At dinner, I decided to tell my mom.

"Mom, I can watch Jackie while you're at the spa", I tell her.

Mom and dad exchanged glances.

Then they started laughing! I stare at them with seriousness.

My mom stops. "Wait, you're serious?" I nod. "Let me laugh even harder", she says before laughing again.

"MOM!" She stops and gives me a glare. "Do you remember the last time I left you alone?".

I chuckle at the memory.


I sat down in what were the remains of the kitchen.

I hear my mom. "See, I told you we could trust Trunks", she tells my dad before screaming her head off.

*End of Flashback*

"I was five!", I declare myself. "If you do stay, who will help you?", she asks me, with a stare like if she had already won the argument.

"Goten", I say with perfect calmness.

"Trunks do you want to live in the streets?", she asks me.

"Let's play paper, scissors, rock and if you win, I'll do all the chores", I tell her. "and if I win, you let me and Goten take care of Jackie".

Mom thinks for a moment and looks at my dad.

"Deal", she says.

We play and guess who won? I, Trunks, Prince of the Saiyans!

My mom grabs the phone to call Goten's mom.

"Never bet with a child", I taunt her with my dad's smirk on.

My mom hangs up on the phone and looks at me.

"ChiChi will pick me up and leave Goten here". I nod and she goes off into her room.

My dad leaves to the room also. I carry Jackie to her room.

As I put her down, I tell her. "Big brother is going to take care of you".

I leave to my room and go to sleep.

(( Thanks for reading!))

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