In love with my bro's mate



2. The accident

Chapter 2

The accident

(Jen point of view)

"Hello Louis, earth to Louis!" "Oh...sorry😅" "it's ok?" "Come in and Niall will show you to you're room" "ok"

Niall shows them to their room. I wished I stayed longer with him I just, felt something. In the other hand Niall would not allow this and if he did hurt me Niall would kill him.

"Hey what happened out there with you and Louis" "oh nothing he just doze off and stared at me weirdly" "oh ok thnx" "sure"

(Niall point of view)

"Sure" then I went straight to Louis room. "Get away from her!" "Who?" "Jen stay away she's off limits!".

"You can't tell me what to do!" "If it's my sis yes!" "Why?!" "She got hurt once it won't happen again!".

"Oh but I like her..." "Um Niall?". She got hurt by her ex Jesus...he tried to rape her but luckily I was there. I won't let it happen again I swore myself to protect Jen from danger.

"Niall!" "What?!" "U doze off for a while" "oh sorry" "it's ok" "still u get away from her, u Guys can be friends but that's it!" "Ok man I swear".

(Louis point of view)

Niall said "bye and remember I have my eye in you" "sure". He leaves and I sit on my bed. "I can't Niall I love her already and I won't lose her like Eleanor" I said.

"I need to take her somewhere while Niall is asleep" I thought. "Tonight he sleeps early and wakes up at 4:00am so I'll bring her jams before he wake ups..yea".

Hope u like I need someone to be her bestie say carrots and I'll chose also. Moment ur character name! Thnx😄🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧

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