My life is perfect

Samantha ( Sami ) has loved one direction since they became a band and on day her and her Directioner friend won backstage concert tickets and front row find out what happens next


5. Chapter 5

Once the concert we went on our date and me and niall made out. Hailee and Liam made out and it was so fun. After our date Niall took me to his hotel and Liam took Hailee to his hotel room and I have to say it was the best night ever so far. We ate dinner and it was tasty Niall asked me to me his girlfriend and I said yes of course and from there everything happened. Me and Niall had sex yea sex see here was how it happened we were in bed then Niall took off my shirt and my bea and I took off his shirt and boxsers and he took of my underwear and did I mention we didn't use pertection and also it was so fun. 

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