Trapped {1D}


1. chapter 1 "Trapped!"

Jessica's POV

"Mom can I go over to Jamie's house?" I told my mom

"Sure and sleep over her house too because I might not come home till midnight ok" my mom said

I just nodded and left to go to my room and pack a couple of clothes.

Th only thing I wish is that hopefully Jamie won't be blabbing about one direction again. I mean all she talks about is one direction this one direction that. Now before you start going to conclusions yes I am a fan of one direction just not dedicated. I just hop--

I was knocked out of my thoughts when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come on in!" I yelled

In came in a figure I was not expecting.

"Sup lil sis" yelled my 19 year old brother named Drake!

"Drake!! OMG I thought you were at college I missed you like OMg" I screamed at him

Then I attacked him in one of my famous Jess hugs! (A/N: Jess is Jessica's nickname)

"I missed you 2 Jess. Hey were are you going? You know never mind I already know its Jamie's house right?"he smirked

"You know me to well bro now talk to me about college!"i said to him


I was outside of Jamie's house just about to knock.

Just as I was about to knock I was interrupted with a massive hug I already knew it was Jamie.

"Hey Jessica I missed you so much it's been forever I thought I was going to die!"exclaimed Jamie

"We talked about 3 hours ago Jamie but I still feel the love lol" I tolled her but she just rolled her eyes at me as a response.

"So were are we going Jamie?"I asked

"To the movie theatre go put your stuff in my room then we'll leave ok?"she asked I just nodded my head

I went to her room. Her room is the colour pink. She has like a hundred poster of one direction. And a king sized bed. I put my bag in on her bed then ran down stairs.

We entered her black Ferrari.

OMG IM SOOO SORRY!! I forgot to introduce myself and Jamie ugh stupid me! Well for starters my name is Jessica Elizabeth Corazon. I have brown wavy hair. My eye colour is hazel. I'm more of a sassy girl you mess with me you die bitch!! Lol jk but if you do ill smack you. I'm more of a person who likes to chill and stuff. I go to California's preforming arts academy (A/N: totally made that high school up) and I'm 18 years old.

Ok well Jamie's full name is Jamie angelica peers. Jamie is also 18 years old and goes to my school. Jamie is very gullible like VERY. One day I tolled her it was pyjama day at school and she wore a Hannah Montana pj by mistake lets say it was hilarious. Jamie's hair color is like really light blonde and wavy.

Another thing you need to know is that she's afraid--

"Jessica what are you doing!" Jamie yelled in my ear

"I'm introducing ourselves to the STALKERS stalking our life duh OMG child let me continue shhh"I told her.

"Idiot" she mumbled but I'm guess I wasn't supposed to hear that so I ignored her.

Ok were was I... Oh yes as I was saying she's afraid of spiders. If you show her a spider I can guarantee you she'll faint right there.

"We're here"she said

I unbuckled my seatbelt and followed her inside.

"What should we see?"I asked her


Every one turned to look at us like we had 2 dicks on our head I mean nigga please haven't you ever screamed before!

It was our time to order our tickets.

"We will have 2--"

"Paranormal activity 4 tickets yup I know I heard you" the girl interrupted me. Huff I feel so unwanted now I mean come on let me at least finish what I was talking.

We took our tickets and bought 2 large popcorns and 2 large cherry icee's.

We took out seats almost all the way at the end.

We were around the middle of the movie when I felt a popcorn being thrown at my hair!

Oh no someone hold my earrings mama is about to throw down!

"Look I don't care who you are but stop throwing popcorn at my hair ok you FATASS what ever your doing is not working"I yelled/whispered at the boy

"Ohh feisty I love it. Anyways it got your attention so uh I think it's working sweetheart"he smirked I just rolled my eyes while the other for boys just snickered! Ugh RUDE!!!

It was 10 minutes after the little show with the strange guys and Jamie was laughing during all the scary parts. I swear I think she hit her head as a baby.

I took a sip out of my cherry icee it went down my throat like a cherry snow storm it was so good.


The movie was finally done we stayed last as everyone left. Jamie and I always are last to leave.

The five boys went down and I figured it was our cue to leave.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" I heard a girly scream

Jamie and I shared a look before running down the stairs. The five boys stood there very scared.

"He dudes who was that scream it was so awesome can you scream again so I can put it as my ring tone" I asked.

Jamie and All the boys except one which I'm guessing was the guy that scream because he kept glaring at me started laughing.

"You do realised we are locked right?" Glaring dude tolled me.

I went to open the door and sure enough we were locked?

We are locked?!?

We ArE lOcKeD?!????

WE ARE LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!


"WE ARE TRAPPED!!!"Jamie and I yell!!!



Hey! So this is my second story! Called trapped! :) I hope you guys like it. It might be carrots the first 18 chapters because I wrote this a long time ago so I'm just copping and pasting! But I will assure you that at chapter 19 the chapters will start being more better! :D

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