Love is alive


1. February

Dear life

The world is cruel, but you know whats crueler being in junior year and not ever experiencing a first kiss. There are so many girls at my school that brag about the first time they had sex or the first time they gave a blow job. I hated life and love and school until i met five boys in a mysterious book store.

As i walk down the street on valentines day i feel the February blues start to creep up. I force the tears back into my eyes and approach one of the only buildings without a huge ass heart on the door. I push open the red door and to my amazement i find what looks like a castle lined with rows and rows of antique books. As i look around the vast stone room in utter amazement voices are echoing around the room.

"Shes very beautiful." A raspy british voice attempted to whisper. The deep building and stone walls making it completely impossible to hold a whispered conversation. "Harry you realise that your not whispering." Replied an irish voice. By then i was becoming impatient and decided to be outgoing for once. " WELL IM VERY FLATTERED BUT I DONT BITE,YOU CAN COME OUT." I yelled as loud as i could manage. A loud roar of terrified shrieks came from behind a book case. Five heads popped up at the same time causing me to burst out laughing. "Oh you think its funny do you." The curly headed one said "MAYBE I DO." I say just as loudly as before. He approached me and placed his hands on my hips. "Well ms feisty may i know your name." "Kat." "Harry."

I was locked in his green orbs and i couldn't move away. A soft tune started playing in the building. We both slowly moved to the tune until it stopped. "Harry mate we leave in an hour so wrap it up." A boy with blonde hair and a heavy irish accent announces. Harry sighs and turns to me. "Well Kat so little time but so much to say. What would you like to do love." I pondered on that for a second. I wasn't sure exactly what i wanted to do until i see a large black book setting on the round glass table. The book title is suicidal love. "How about this." I hold up the book and he smiles "why not."

"Once i take this knife to your throat my love you will never see the real world again. Life will be over with and you will spend eternity with me." Harry rasps "i am ready to leave behind the dark filled world for a better one that is filled with love and laughter and you." I read without fault. "This knife will be dug into your throat and then dug into mine to symbolise our union in death together." "I am ready." I look up at harry and it seems he is lost in a daze. "What are you thinking about." "How i will never be able to see you again because of our lives and how different they are." "Well think about that later we still have twenty minutes left together." He places his hands on either side of my face and kisses me softly. The sweet passionate kiss quickly turns into one filled with lust and need. "I want to run away with you." "How?"i reply. "Follow me." He leads me into a dark room with a long hallway. When we get to the end of the hall there is a red door. "This is how he whispers." "Every time one of us step through any red door you will find me soon after. "Really harry. Are you joking." "No I'm not just trust me."

"HARRY MATE TIME TO GO." I hear someone yell. "I love you kat and i will soon see you." "I love you harry and i will see you on the other side of the red door."

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