Not That Type Of Girl ~Eleanor Calder Punk~

"Oops..." I said, sarcastically. He looked at me. "Well next time, be a little careful" I kicked his books towards the locker. "I'm not that type of girl, you know." I walked off leaving him, scared and fearful.


5. Jesy Nelson

~~I ran to catch up to Jade and Leigh Anne. "There something wrong with El's group" Jade said as we got into Leigh Anne's car. I sat in the passenger seat and Jade sat in the back. "Yeah, Perrie isn't as bad though" Leigh Anne said. "True" I said. Jade shrugged. "I guess so but she's still a bitch." I giggled. "Look in order to get to their level, we're going to have to turn into one of them" Leigh said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "We have to become popular" she replied. I shook my head. I may have a tattoo but I don't want my whole body covered in ink" I said. Jade nodded. "Well, we could get some that are real but are removable" Leigh said as we pulled up to a gas station. "You mean temporary?" Jade asked. "No. You can remove them when you want them gone" she said. "They make those?" I asked. "Not exactly" Leigh said. I raised an eyebrow at her. "I know a guy who's experimented on shit like that before" Leigh said. Jade and I looked at each other after we got out of the car. "C'mon, let's get some snacks then I'll take us there" she said as she lead Jade and I inside the gas station. "Hello" the woman behind the counter said. "Good day" Jade replied as we went into the chips section. We grabbed our bags and drinks. We walked up to the counter and we all pitched in on cash. After we paid, we went back to the car and Leigh Anne drove us down the interstate. "Now, who exactly is this guy?" Jade asked. "He's a friend of mine" Leigh said. "Do we know him?" I asked. "No" she replied.  "Jesy, turn on the radio." Jade said. I nodded and pressed the volume knob. Katy Perry's "Roar" was playing and I turned it down just a bit. My phone started ringing and I answered it. "Hey bitch" a voice replied on the other end. "Um, do I know you?" I asked. "Yeah, it's Jillian" she said, in that bitchy tone I hate. "How did you g-get my number?" I stuttered, nervously. "None ya, anyways, don't think this is a normal thing but I need to ask you a favor." she replied. I gulped. "It involves the new kid" she said. "What about him?" I asked. "I need you to go and hang with him. Get to know about him." she said. "Why?" I asked. "Because if you don't, I'll get El to slam your ass" she said. "Fine, I'll do it" I said with a sigh. "Thanks. I'll tell you why later" she said and hung up. Jillian was popular and a friend of El's but she was kinda our friend too. "Who was that?" Leigh asked. "Jill" I replied. "What she want?" Jade asked. "To hang with the new kid" I said. "Ya'know, he does hang out with the football (soccer) team" Jade asked with a smirk. "Yeah, so?" I asked. "He hangs with the cuties" Leigh said. "Yeah, you're right, Harry's cute" I said. "So is Liam" Jade replied. "Don't forget Niall" Leigh added. "To be honest, I think I know someone who's crushing on Zayn" I said. "Oh my God, who?" Jade asked, scooting up so she was closer to me. "Perrie" I whispered. "What? No" Jade said. "Yep. Jill said something about it yesterday" I said. "O-M-G!" Leigh spelled out. "I know right" I said. "Yeah" Jade said. Leigh Anne finally pulled up into someone's driveway. "Where the fuck are we?" I asked. "His house" she said, getting out of the car. Jade and I did the same and Leigh Anne knocked on the door. Some woman answered. "Oh hello Leigh Anne, what are you and your friends doing here?" she asked. "Mrs. Payne may we please see your son?" Leigh asked. Mrs. Payne? "Of course honey" she said and we entered. "He's upstairs with his friends" she said. "Alright" Leigh said and we followed her upstairs. She knocked on a door and Harry answered. Wait, Harry? "Can I help you?" he asked. My face went pale. "Yes, can we see Liam?" Leigh asked. I looked at Jade and her face went pale also. "Yeah, Li" Harry said, turning his head inside the room. "Yeah?" I heard a voice reply. "Visitors" Harry said.

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