Everything About You

Sydney has dealt with the worst and when she finally leaves her terrible home with her horrible step-dad she is free and she meets an Irish boy named Niall Maybe things will finally get better for her. Or not


6. Six Flags

Sydney's pov:

I wake up and get ready right away and I try not to wake up Niall. I go and get ready right away. I put on black leggings with a neon pink top that says Hes mine and I put on bright pink vans to match. I go in the bathroom and get my hair and make up done when I heard a knock on the door. I go to the door and see all the boys all ready.

"Lets go wake the boy." Louie says.

They all rush in and scream to get Niall up. Liam gets on the bed and starts jumping and yelling at the top of his lungs. Niall opens his eyes he looks so mad. He looks at the clock it's 6:00

"God why are we up so early." Niall says.

"Well since it's our day off we decided were gonna go to Six Flags if you are up to it." Liam says.

"Alright I'm always up for roller coasters." He says. The rest of the boys leave and he gets ready. He looks at what I'm wearing and he grabs his matching shirt to go with mine. He puts it on and smiles at me.

"Ready to go princess?" He asks.

"Totally." I say back. He grabs my hand and we walk out of our room. We meet the boys by the door and all ready to leave. We walk to the car and get in.

"Okay it's about an hour drive there." I say.

"Ughhhhh that's too long." Harry complains.

"I'm hungry." Niall says 

."Your always hungry." Zayn says.

"Okay fine we will go through somewhere. Is Taco Bell okay it's the only place around here." I say.

"Just as long as I get food." Niall says.

"Alright I'll go through." I drive through and everyone orders it was a lot of food for all of us. The rest of the ride we just talk about the conference and a bunch of other stuff.


1 hour later~


"Okay were here." I say excitedly

"Finally." Harry says. We walk to the gate and give the people our tickets. It's perfect barely anyone was here. We walk to one of the big ones and go in line. Niall is next to me and puts his arm around me and kisses the top of my head. I look at Harry I can tell he is nervous.

"Harry you okay?"

"Ya just a little nervous." He says back.

"Don't worry Harry I'll hold on to you." Louie says and everyone starts to laugh.We get there it's two people per car so Niall and I are in front row with Louie and Harry behind us then Zayn and Liam Behind them. It starts with a big drop and it goes around and I see a camera coming up.

"Niall kiss me for the picture on the ride." I say smiling.

"Okay." He says with a grin. The camera comes up and we kiss as the camera takes the picture. The ride ends and I hear Harry shouting

"YEAHH! That was awesome!" We walk to the picture place and see it.

"Awwww the couple kissed. You want to buy the picture?" The photo booth lady said.

"Yeah I really like this picture." Niall says smiling. Then we see Harry and Louie's picture Louie is laughing at Harry and Harry is just screaming like crazy. We all burst out laughing.

"That's priceless can we buy that one too." I ask.

'Noooo lets not." Harry says.

I bought both the pictures and we walk out. We go on couple more rides and it's lunch time now. We go to one of restaurants there. We order and sit down and start eating. 

"Well what do we want to do after this?" Liam asks.

"Well go on more rides obviously what if we find a photo booth and try to fit all of us in it." Says Harry

"Yes I love photo booths." I say. We finish eating and start looking for a photo booth. It takes a little bit to find one.

"There's one!!" Louie screams. We walk over to it luckily it's bigger than a normal one. We actually all fit. The first picture is all of us with our tongues out. The next one is Niall and I in the middle kissing and all the boys covering there eyes or making grossed out faces. The rest are all funny faces. We go on another ride and then we go to one of the food places and I get one cotton candy. I pull some off and walk back to the boys. We start walking and I walk in between Niall and Louie. First Niall pulls a piece off it. Then Louie pulls a huge chunk off.

"Hey that's my food." I say to him When Harry pulls a chunk off too.

"Well I guess it's not then." Then Liam and Zayn takes the rest off the cone.

"Oh sorry were you gonna eat that." Louie says laughing.

"No I was just gonna hold it while you all eat it. No I was gonna eat it of course." I say

"Sorry.....Not Sorry. Hahahahaha." Louie says.

"Ugh whatever." I say. We go on a couple more roller coasters and its about seven o'clock now. All the boys went to the bathroom except Niall. We wait and talk about the day when I start talking he starts kissing me. Until Louie walks out.

"Get a room love birds." Louie says. Then the rest of the boy walk out. We walk towards a Ferris wheel. Niall and I get in a cart then Louie jumps in right before we close it.

"Hello." He says with smirk. We get to the top and Louie is screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Louie shut up." I say.

"Fine then." He says back. We go around twice then it's over and Louie jumps out of the cart. Niall and I stay in the cart.

"Hey sir can we go again cause there is no line please?" I ask the guy running it.

"Ya sure." He says.

We get to the top and the sun is setting it's perfect. He leans in for a soft kiss. Then he takes out his phone and kisses me again but taking a picture. Then I see him set it as he background. We get off and see the boys waiting for us.

"Okay should we head off now we have a big day?" Liam asks.

"Yeah sure." I say and we head for the exit. When we start walking towards the car all these paparazzi come towards us. We all start sprinting to the car. We all get in the car and drive away as fast as possible. As we drive we laugh a lot about today and Harry's face after we went on the first roller coaster. Niall and I are in the back with Zayn. Us three talk but then I put my head on Niall's shoulder and fall asleep.


"Princess were back." Niall says waking me up. We get out of the car and he takes my hand and we walk to our room and we go strait to bed today was a tiring day. While in bed I put my head on his chest he kisses my head and says "Goodnight love." "Goodnight." I say back. and I fall asleep right away.



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