I know you... I think?

I am the notoriously, Un-famous Evelyn.... I soon meet up with someone who might surprise all of you.... WAIT FOR IT...... 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.... IKR, Just, like wow.... And uh yeah.... This is my story of just these past few months, I know, you might be snooping but go ahead! Nothing personal in here!!


1. Long story short...

I have like.... Lost my mind... I found this band... 5 Seconds of Summer right, and well I AM IN LOVE!!!! Calum, Michael, Luke and Ashton, just the mere definitions of BEAUTY. I'm just a fan though, never destined to meet them... Never to see them, never for them to remember or know.... UGH!!!! WHY DOES THE FANGIRL LIFE JUST PULL ME IN!!!!! But, I have no regrets, I love them now and I will for probably ever.... Get this. I'm just walking through the mall one day, Just being a typical white girl, Starbucks, Vans and iPhone, No biggie right? HAHA... WRONG!!!! All I hear is a loud group of girls, and by group, I mean ARMY. Like all running into one way, I turn and see just who you thought, 5SOS... How am I not dead yet? I have no clue, but then before I know it, Starbucks on the floor, iPhone along with it, and me in someones arms.... GUESS WHO... I dar you, GUESS!!!! Ok, fine... CALUM HOOD LIKE OMF I AM MENTALLY CRYING AND SCREAMING AND DYING...."Sorry!!!" He said blushing slightly, before setting me down and turning around frantically. "Thanks... I know you.... I think?" I said trying to play it cool."Oh no, DON'T KILL ME!!!" He yelled while flapping his arms around trying to protect himself."No no, I'm a fan but I won't kill you, after all, you are human!" I winked, but on the inside I was jumping on his back tearing bits of his hair out, and trying to knock him out so I could hide him in my basement.... "Ok, cool..."He sighed flopping down on a bench. "You seem cool, We should go somewhere, where I can make up for you $10 on the floor." He chuckled pointing to my spilled hot chocolate. "S-Sure!" I smiled."We should go now, before the fans come and tear you limb from limb!" He laughed and put his arm over my shoulders."I never caught your name... I'm Calum, but you probably know that thought, considering you are a fan!" He winked, making me laugh."Evelyn." I nodded, he smiled and walked me into the Starbucks with a flirty smile on his face. He bought my drink, slipped me his number into my hand and pecked my cheek. He walked out, leaving me, standing there like an idiot with a huge smile on my face. Yep, you heard me.... CALUM HOOD GAVE ME HIS NUMBER... BE JEALOUS CUZ SOON ENOUGH YOU'LL SEE ME IN A KEEK OR TWITCAM CUZ GUESS WHAT, WE ARE DATING.... DEAL WITH IT.

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