One Surprise Valentine

A short Harry Styles love story.


1. Only Chapter

In November I won front row One Direction concert tickets from M Magazine. I was so excited. The concert was amazing. It seemed like Harry and I kept making eye contact, but there were so many people in the crowd I couldn’t be sure. When they were singing "Little Things," Harry's favorite song from their second album, he reached down and grabbed my hand and smiled as he sang a few lines to me.

During intermission, a security guard gave me and my mom backstage passes and said he'd come back for us after the concert.

After the concert, the security guard came back for us, as promised. He took us to the boys who greeted us with hugs and kisses.

"Did you enjoy the concert, babe?" Harry asked me.

"Absolutely! You guys were great!" I gushed.

"I heard you were dating Taylor Swift," I said to Harry at one point.

"Nah, we're just good friends," he said. "How long are you staying in New York, love?"

"We're here the whole week," I told him.

We didn't leave until midnight. Before we left, Harry asked me to have lunch with him the next day. The date went amazing. We spent time with each other every day that week.

Before my mom and I went back home, Harry and I exchanged numbers. We knew we had something special. Continents would separate us, but we would make it work.

Today is Valentine's Day and Harry has to be in London. I'm sad we can't spend today together, but I understand. I send him a text saying "Happy Valentine's Day! I love and miss you! <3"

He must be busy because he doesn't reply which bums me out even more. I put on "Truly, Madly, Deeply," my favorite song. At least I can hear his voice. Halfway through, someone knocks on the door. I race to get it, not bothering to turn off the song.

"Harry!" I exclaim, throwing the door open. His arms are open and he's holding flowers in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. I jump into his arms and he kisses my head. "What are you doing here?!" I ask him, not leaving his embrace.

"I told you I had to be in London so I could surprise you. I like your choice in music, by the way," he tells me in his cute British accent. He sings me a few lines and then kisses me.

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