St. Patrick's 1D in New York Day

A story of a March meeting for the 1D contest.


1. Only Chapter

There was a huge crowd in New York for the St. Patrick's Day parade, but I only had eyes for a very famous person and one of his band mates. I couldn't believe they were standing just a few feet away from me!

After a quick conversation with my mom, we walked up to them. “Harry?” I asked timidly, reaching to touch his sweater.

“Hello, love!” he greeted me warmly, then immediately reached for a hug. As he rubbed my back, all my nerves faded away. I heard my mother greet Niall as Harry stepped back from me. “What does your shirt say?” Harry asked, looking down at it. I pulled my shirt away from my chest and out loud he read, “Kiss me I'm Irish.” He drew me back to him in another hug, and kissed my head. “Don't you kiss her, Niall,” he warned jokingly as he let me go again. He hugged my mom next as I hugged Niall.

“What are you guys doing here?” my mom asked.

“Niall wanted to see the parade,” Harry answered. “Do you guys live in New York?”

“No,” I answered. “We're staying here with my uncle for the week because I just turned 18 on Tuesday. Being here and going to see Jimmy Fallon is part of my present,” I explained, smiling at him.

“Oh,” Harry said, sounding pleasantly surprised. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.”

My mom and I ended up watching the parade with them and we hung out a bunch of times before we left New York. Harry even gave me his phone number!

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