fit for rivals . (sequel to suicide silence is golden)

Danielle or Renee phoniex as she is called now gets in a fight with Andy and black veil brides e day before they announce her into the band! What will happen? Will they work it out? Read and find out


1. The Plans

"Hey Andy! When's the press conference?" Andy and I were on the phone talking about the anoucement of me (Renee Phoniex) joining Black Veil Brides as a lead female singer. 

"Ummm I thinkkk its Friday."

"Alright I am getting a tattoo tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure it wasn't tomorrow"

"Cool! Hope the tat turns out good."

"Hannah's doing it to it definitely will!"

"Alright! Well when your done doing whatever your doing right now the guys and I are gonna be doing vocals and want to practice with you in it"

"Alright! Mind if I bring over one of my songs?"

"Not at all! Bring over as many as you want!"

" Alright see you in around an hour! I still have to take a shower."

"Promise you won't do anything?"

"I can't promise you that. I will try."

"OK. See you soon ray ray!"

"See you soon andybear!"

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