My Sweet Valentine

It's Bella's first Valentines in a new country. She plans on spending it at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry's. But what happens when a dashing boy ruins those plans?


1. One Shot

Bella buys her ice cream and walks out of the store. Suddenly, she bumps into somebody and falls down. "Ow!" She mutters, standing up and brushing herself off. She finds herself looking into blue grey eyes.

"Sorry, love. That was my fault." He apologizes. Bella shrugs, not answering. His wavy brown hair resembles that of a Disney prince. "I'm Louis, by the way. What's your name?"

She snaps back to reality and stops staring at the attractive stranger. "I'm Bella." She replies, blushing. He grins and raises his eyebrows ever so slightly. "It's nice to meet you." She adds.

Louis chuckles and looks down at the ice cream tucked under my arm. "Why so much ice cream? Getting over a breakup?" He asks in a teasing way. For some reason, he reminds her of Prince Eric. She shakes her head in reply. "Then would I be allowed to take you out for dinner tonight?" He asks, meeting her eyes.

"That would be lovely. Pick me up at seven." She scribbles her address and number on his hand. With that, she turns on her heel and walks home.

Louis smiles when she opens the door. "You look gorgeous, love." He tells her, kissing her cheek. Blushing, she follows him out to his car. She looks out the window, watching the new city fly by.

At the restaurant, Louis is firing a million questions. "Do you like London? What part of the US are you from? What is the biggest difference to you?" He asks, shooting her a sweet grin.

"Yes, Kentucky, and the weather." She answers in order, returning the smile. A little while into the meal, Louis grows quiet. "What's wrong?" She asks, slightly worried.

Louis shrugs. "Do you know what today is?" He asks her softly. I rack my brain, trying to think. There is something important today, but I don't remember.

"Anniversary of the sixth Olympics?" She says. It's true, but by his chuckle and shake of his head, she knows it's wrong. "Then I don't know."

Louis smiles at her and they look deep into each other's eyes, his stormy blue, hers bottle green. "Bella, will you be my Valentine?" He asks in all seriousness.

"Of course." They lean across and kiss.

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