The last concert // One Direction O.S

Forty years after the time of their fame the five men receive a special letter, asking them to realize one last wish : performing a last time for their fans.


1. The last concert

Dear One Direction,

It has been so long since you last have been called like that. Everyone remembers but it's part of the past now...

I'm sure there is no day you spend without thinking about that time; about that old good time when you were the most famous boys on Earth. Forgive me if I become nostalgic but I reached a day in my life in which memory is the only thing remaining; strengths have left me. But I have to admit that I'm surprised to be the first one asking for what I'm writing about. So let me tell you what this is all about...

I think there is no need to explain the state I am in since quite a long time. The five of you already know about it. Therefore, what is going to happen very soon will not surprise you and I don't want you to be grieved by it. And this soon-to-be event is the reason why I decided to write you here my last wish. Yes, I'm writing it and not telling you face to face because I want to be sure it will happen, though I know you won't deceive me.

Yet it is my last wish, I decided not to be selfish. I decided to dedicate this wish to your fans; to all your growing-old directioners all around the world. I remember all of you kept saying you owe your fans everything. Then I give you the opportunity to thank those millions of girls one last time.

My last wish is that One Direction has to give his last and final concert for the Directioners. Please, do it for all the girls you left heart-broken about forty years ago; for all the girls that kept loving you even after that day. They were around 14 years old at that time and, although they grew up, their passion didn't fade away. That's why they deserve one last concert. They deserve to have a last goodbye from the band they adored during years.

Here ends my letter. I will never know whether my last wish realized but I pray for you to make it come true.


Love xoxo










"It's time, guys." Liam stood in the door frame of the small room where his four old friends were sitting on a red couch, talking. They nodded smiling widely after his declaration and tried to stand up as fast as their old bodies enable them to. However, Zayn just nodded but didnt stand up; he stayed still looking down at his hands. Niall who was the nearest beside him, tried to kneel down to be face to face with Zayn; ignoring the throbbing pain in his knees. He didn't say a single word but he knew Zayn would speak first.

"This concert frightens me," a barely inaudible whisper came out of his mouth as if he was ashamed of his own words. Harry opened the mouth to speak but Zayn didn't notice and carried on, "Going on stage doesn't frighten me at all if you're wondering why I said that. It's just...that... I'm afraid of what will happen next." He made a pause but the four others stayed silent, staring at him.

"After our last tour all those years ago, we knew what would happen; that we would have many opportunities offering to us. But today... We're old and this time, it really is the last concert. Our last concert." Tears appeared in the corner of his eyes as those painful words came out of his mouth. "After the end of the band, I had hopes we would form it again; but we didn't. And now, we finally perform for the last time and... And..." he couldn't add any other words; more and more tears fell down his cheeks. Liam walked toward the couch, helped Niall to get up and sat beside Zayn, who rested his head on Liam's shoulder.

"I wish she could be here with me," he succeeded stuttering. Liam put his arm around Zayn and hugged his old friend for a while without talking before finally muttering, "She knew you would make her wish came true, so wherever she is now, she is happy. And without you knowing it, she will follow you wherever you go." Wetting Liam's jacket, Zayn kept crying. But Louis, Harry and Niall moved closer to their friends and hugged for a long time, without speaking but only hearing the sound of Zayn's sobs.

"It's time to go or we gonna be late." Zayn wiped away his tears and carried on. "We have to perform a last time, for our fans and for my Perrie."

The music started to play and the five men held each other's hands while waiting for the right moment to get on stage. They could hear the crowd, which was louder than ever. A feeling that hadn't overran them since years started to fill them in : excitement  before going onto stage.

Then, Liam started to sing the beginning of their most famous song and nostalgia overran them; the day they first had sung that song seemed so far... To their surprise, the end of the song came too quickly and as they cheered the audience, they noticed that all the girls on the closest rows were crying hard.

They tried to hide their tears and started their show as they used to on their tour.

Soon, the men started to sing Little Things but as it was time for Zayn's solo, he was unable to sing. He had started to cry, this song was too painful for him to sing. Niall started to walk toward him as it seemed he was about to collapse but stopped dead at the sight of the audience. The five members stared agape at their fans who all now were holding pictures of Zayn and Perrie and had started to sing the lyrics they had never forgotten. At the end of the song, tears kept on streaming down his face as he thanked the fans over and over again; feeling both happiness and sadness at the same time. It took him a while to stop crying and during all this time, Louis kept teasing him, saying that if he didn't stop straight away they would have to sleep on stage. The fans laughed a lot as it reminded them that Louis still was the same at heart.



But time flew by quickly.

"All good things have an end," Harry's trembling voice said slowly in the micro. Niall spoke after him, "our band split up years ago and you all remember it. And tonight, we want to thank you all for keeping being our fans afterwards. We would never have imagined you would be here tonight, still standing up for us. We owe you so much for all the moments we had years ago and for our careers afterwards." He stopped and a tear rolled down his face and his blue eyes glittering with sadness. It was Louis who spoke third, "we were young when it all started thanks to you and we couldn't believe it even after a few years. We know are about 60 but we still can't believe it. We lived amazing moments with all our fans; with you. From our first video diaries to our last performance, we shared everything with our Directioners. You have always been here for us and tonight's show is for you. Each and every of you."

Liam hugged Louis who has started to cry and kept on the speech, "During our life as a band, we worked hard on our songs. We put our back into writing with our amazing team because we wanted you to love our work and to make you proud of us and of all the way we made all this time. All of you have a different favourite song from each of our albums but there is a song, a special song we'd like to sing tonight for you." Liam turned around and smiled to Zayn. The latter took a deep breath and started to talk, "when we split up, we didn't really say goodbye to all of you. So tonight's concert is our farewell concert. It's the concert we will always remember." He started crying but carried on anyway; he had to. He couldn't stop talking there. "This concert was Perrie's idea. She reminded us all the wonderful moments you and we spent together so us performing this message concert is her last wish." He made a pause. "We will never thank you enough for all these years but I have something to ask you. When you will remember us in a few years after this concert, could you remember us when we were young? So you could remember all the things we had done. We'd like to stay forever young in your heart."

A silence followed their speech in the concert hall; the five men stared at the crowd, at all the women sitting there who must all be around 55. All their old Directioners were crying their eyes out and so were the five members of One Direction.

Then, the first notes of Forever Young echoed in the hall and all their fans stood up to listen to that song for the last time...




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