The Best Valentines Day... Ever

Everyday Valentines Day, each member of 1D pick one lovley fan to be their Valentine.
Savannah is a Directioner and for 4 years has wished that Harry would pick her for his Valentine.

While Harry is going through his Twitter, a picture catches his eye. Its a girl wil long red hair and blue eyes. She's smiling and has her hands in the shape of a heart. Below it says, "Nothing would make me happier than if @HarryStyles was my Valentine this year :3"

So Harry makes the decision to make her Valentine. :P)

Find out what happens after!


1. Valentines Day :3

Every year each One Direction member picks a random girl on Twitter to be their valentine. They have been doing this for 4 years now and every year, i havent been picked.

As I log onto my Twitter, i decide to take a selfie and post in with a tweet to harry saying that nothing would make me happier than him picking me as his valentine.

When im done, i close my computer.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

They are gonna post the winners at noon.

Oh how I hope I'm one of them.


*Next morning*


I get up and shower and wait for noon to come.

Finally it comes.

At 11:45 I log onto and wait.

then, the offical 1D twitter account posts the winners

"here are the winners of the Valentine Competition! Happy Valentines Day Directioners!"

1. Louis - @Avery_Loves_1D

2. Zayn - @Zayn-Girl-145

@Liam - @1D_Lover_4ever

@Niall - Niall's_Sweetie

@Harry - @Harry_Savannah


Oh my God.......

Harry choose me.

To be.


Valentine!!!! :O

I jumped up and screamed at the top of my lungs ," Oh my God!!"

I went back to twitter, i had a new interaction and a new DM.

The interaction was from Harry.

He followed me.

Then i looked at the DM, it was also from Harry, and it said "Hey Savannah! It's Harry! Happy Valentine's Day! What is your address, phone number, and Facetime?"

Oh my god.

Harry Styles wants my address, number, and Facetime!

I quickly reply "1547 Qwerty Street. Austin TX 78545, (464)-412-7845, and my facetime is the same as my number . :3"

And then i waited.

then i saw the little bubble that meant he was writing.

my heart beat started to hasten.

the new message popped up saying, "Cool! So is it ok if I Facetime you in bout an hour? :) xoxo"

I replied quickly, "Sure! I'll be here! :3 xoxo'


*1 hour later*

So im waiting for Harry ot Facetime me, so im on my vine looking at stupid videos.

then, it happend!

A image popped up on my screen saying "Harry Styles would like to Facetime, Accept, Cancel."

Oh my god, here i go.

I clicked accept and all of a sudden, there is Harry on my screen!

"Hey Savannah!!!'

"Hi Harry!"

"How are you doing on this lovely Valentines Day?"

"Just chillin and eating chocolate, you?"

"Talking to my Valentine ."

"Ohh... Cool."

"I was talking about you Savannah."

"Oh! Haha, sorry."

"It's cool."


We talked for 3 hours! It was AMAZING!!!

He told me that he wanted to visit me is Texas and I said sure.

The rest of that day was wonderful.


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