What do you want with me

Taylor was going to move to Russia to an artist before someone came into view and stopped her from going. Will she be able to go to Russia or will she be stuck with this man that wants to stop her?


1. where it all started

Taylor's P.O.V

I was at the airport because I was going to Russia to try to get a job as an artist, because I really loved to paint landscape. I was in line to buy a Carmel Frappeè. I looked at the name tag that he was wearing, and his name was Justin, and he was really hot! I was about to pay when Justin said that he would pay for me. I tried to argue with him, bit he won so he payed for me and I got his number!

I went to sit in one of the chairs, but the only one that was open was one next to a boy with icy blue eyes and blond hair. I went to go sit by him expecting no conversation, but he said

"Hey, I'm Niall."

"Taylor." I replied to him.

"Where you going."



"I am going there for a job...... To try and be an artist."

"I am just visiting family." He said. " Want to go get some food?"

"Sure" I replied even though I was not hungry.

"Okay then! Let's go!"

I noticed that he had an Irish accent. I thought that it was really cute. While we were walking to the food stand, we exchanged numbers! (Yeah two numbers!) We ordered and we waited for our food.

" why don't you go get us a seat?" He said

" Okay." I said and walked away

I found a seat and saved it and waited for Niall to come over. Then he came with the food. I was longer than I expected. He started to eat his food while I just sat there.

"You know that you can eat, right?" He said

"I know I'm not that hungry though." I said

"You should eat. You look hungry." He said sounding concerned.

I didn't want to cause trouble, so I took a bite of my fries, and I tarted to fell a little dizzy and the room started to spin.

"Are you felling okay?" Niall asked me. I could barely understand what he was saying. I slowly shook my head no. I think that I saw him smile and then everything went black.

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