The Twinies


5. The Sleepover

Liam waved at the group and left of for his home.He didn't even notice me and about what we talked.So without any expections i started walking and then Suddenly,I felt a hand on my shoulder and i turned to look who it was and it was Liam."Come'on Dont you want to go to your new house"Asked Liam."I guess so but for a while I thought that you are gonna leave me alone and are gona go without taking me,So I started walking back to streets and stuff"I explained."Why do you think i would do that i am not bad you see"He told me.So I followed himto the car and then i sat in the car.I couldn't belive Liam fancied me.I was overwhelmedby his behaviour with me,It was the best one after my parents.Soon we reached Liam's house it was big house like most rich peopele have but he didn't have a dad an his mom left for Canada.OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE OW CAN I TRUST HM ME AND HIM IN A ALONE ROOM BIG HOUSE!!!! thought as he walked towards the house."Are you Gonna rr..rrr..rape me or something!!"I asked nervously."Ofcourse not,I love you and why would i want to rape you?!?"Liam asked.I stayed quiet for i thought maybe i can trust him."oh i orgot to tell you something we are havig a sleepover at my house"Liam told."HMM Good fo you"I Said."I don't think it will be good for you because Your sister and my friends are coming over Hary,louis,Zayn and Naill.He said."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING!!?I KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU"I cried."Oh my god!! i just told you because you have to stay in a room today,i will put whatever you need you and you should be quik because my friends will be here soon."Ok I am sorry"I Pretened.Liam gave me all the stuff and gave me a big room to live in.Maybe for some hours i could get some rest."Hey dude Liam How are you"Asked Zayn.Everyone had arrived to the house.I could hear music and Laughs.I couldn't ignore them so i drifted of to sleep.

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