is this real ?

as jocelyn thought she was a simple girl , i mean a simple one directioner her hole life changed just meeting her friend at the mall.


1. introduction

as i thought i was a simple girl, i mean so simple, i'm 16, i have a bed time ( wich is 12:00 ) on school nights.i'm such a dork and i love one direction.i mean how simple is that.the back story of my life is that i live in p.a and i never left p.a, i have 1 brother and my parents are divorced will they were until my dad passed 11 months ago. but all it did was make me stronger, i guess.

my family doesn't understand me at all.

- i'm a one directioner

-love to shop

-i'm a brunett

-i get really good grades

-and i have a normal life


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