Little things

Tessa was found by a dustbin in London and some well known boys raised her as their own. Louis:daddy. Niall:brother. Harry:dad. Zayn:uncle. Liam:cousin


2. 5th birthday

Tessa's POV

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TESSA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!" 5very loud noises sang waking me up. I stretched and opened my eyes "to eawy daddy" I said being picked up by my daddy (Louis if you didn't read the blurb) he carried me downstairs and put me on bwo bwos lap and I snuggled in. He put a blanket over me. (Niall is bro bro) "do you want to open some presents Tessa?" Bwo bwo whispered into my ear. I yawned and nodded my head. With that the boys came in from the kitchen and got their presents daddy gave me my milk that I have every morning. "Who's present do you want to open first babe?" Dad asked me (Harry is dad) "I closed my eyes and the boys moved around except bwo bwo because I was on his lap. I pointed at cuz cuz (liam) "here you go then sweet cheeks" he said handing me my present. I smiled at him and opened the present. I smiled at him and thanked him he gave me a barbie doll house yay. Then I opened unc lunc (zayn) present whic was a set of barbies and I hanked him and hugged him. Then it was dad's present which was a grey beanie that said cheeky on it. I put it on and kissed his cheek. Then it was dad's present and he got me a puppy and I kissed him. And hugged him. And thanked him. Then it was bwo bwos present. I unwrapped it cause he normally gets me a few stuff and he did he got the this is us DVD and perfume and bracelets and a play kitchen. I thanked him and snuggled into him even more. I didn't let the puppy of my lap. Daddy told me the puppy was a Yorkshire terrier only 8weeks and it was a she so I called her Lexi.

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