Little things

Tessa was found by a dustbin in London and some well known boys raised her as their own. Louis:daddy. Niall:brother. Harry:dad. Zayn:uncle. Liam:cousin


1. is it a baby?

Louis POV

I was walking down the streets to the shops but as I walked past our bins I couldn't help notice what looked like a baby. I thought I was mad but I went an checked anyway. I reached it and melt down and realised it was a baby. A baby girl. She looked a couple of days old. Who would leave such a sweet soul left here in the cold I picked her up and put her in my coat for warmth. She was so small! I looked around to see if there was anyone who could be family. But no one was out on the streets I turned round an walked up the stairs of my house. I kept her in my coat but I got my phone and rang niall to come and see this little girl I have in my arms. Niall came round quick enough. He looked at her and held her and asked if I was going to keep her. I said yes of course. So the next day wen niall went back to Ireland I went to the registration office to register this babies Birth. "What are you going to call her sir?" The woman asked. "Tessa" I said because I thought about it last night. "Date of birth?" She asked. "That's the thing I don't know. I found her yesterday by my bins I can't help but feel it's fate. Wierd thought I know. And your probably going to take her off me" Louis said looking at Tessa. "There's no better place for her and where se is so young and YOUR registering her that means she's yours sir" she replied with a smile I thanked her and that was that. I went to kiddicare to buy Tessa a pram a cot a Moses basket a high chair a car seat. All the necessary things you need for a child. When we got home I fed her and gave her a bath then put her to bed. Well in her mosses basket next to me downstairs.

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