He doesn't stop

Looking for an apartment in New York is one of the hardest job ever. Getting one is one of the happiest moment ever. Now living across the hallway from a jerk is the worst thing ever.
My name is rose Andrew. 19, just moved to New York. And living across the hallway is Harry styles. He's rude, cocky, annoying but one of the most attractive guys I've ever seen.


1. airport

Rose P.O.V

" bye eric I'm really going to miss you" I said with tears in my eyes. " I'm going to miss you more rose" said my best friend Eric. " ok well bye Eric" I said before giving him a hug and leave to the gate of the plan.

If you're wondering what's happening, well I'm leaving to New York because I've lose everything in Boston. My father died when I was 7 years old. I've lived with my mom and step dad until I was 17 and then my stepfather kicked me out saying " it's for my own good" how is that my own good no one knows. But when he did I didn't have anywhere else to go beside living with my bestfriend Eric. But now I decide I should go to New York and start my own life.

I understand that there's less chance that I would go to college but I'm working really hard to go. So here I am leaving Boston and my bestfriend behind and starting a whole new life.

I took my seat on the plan between a really good looking guy and an old lady. I didn't say much, I just sat there until I heard the guy next to be talking " hi." Okaaay " hey." I said with a smile. " my name is Niall, what's yours" " I'm rose " " nice meeting you rose" " you too" and that was the last thing we've ever said.

The plane landed and I was getting ready to leave. But the old lady was taking her time to get up. Honestly I wasn't mad at her, I felt bad and tried to help her get up but I really want to go out and see how New York looks like. I've heard that it's really beautiful specially at night. And I couldn't wait until I roam around at night.

I had trouble getting my bags down because it was very heavy. And my luck no one was there to help me. It was really embarrassing so I did the only thing I could do right now. I let it down for another round, and got my other bags. While I was waiting for my heavy back to come again I heard my name being called. " Rose!" I turned around to see the guy Niall from the plan. Honestly he looks very good but it wasn't were drooling over him and want to take his clothes off. " Yea" " Are you waiting for your bags?" " Yea I only got one more to go" as I was saying my evil heavy bag came to view. And once again I've tried to drag it but failed. " Here let me help you" Niall said while moving my bag like it was nothing.

" Thank you" " no problem" we just stood there awkwardly until I said goodbye and turn to leave.I went outside waiting for a cab. When out of nowhere a car stop full of hot 4 guys. And they all just stood outside the car waiting for someone. I couldn't get my eyes off of them and I notice one of them couldn't get there eyes off of me too. I looked away can't really get happy that I guy is looking at me. Like come on it's my first day here.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not ugly but I'm not oh my god beautiful either. I'm okay, I have light brown hair that goes until the middle of my back and a pure hazel eyes. I was 5'6 ,pretty good height for my age.

I called a taxi and when it was about to stop a Hand touched my shoulder, I turned around slowly and meeting eyes with Niall again. " hey lemme give you a ride home" " no thank you I'll just take a taxi" " nonsense come on" for some weird reason I followed him for that ride. But once I saw where I was gonna ride I froze.

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