the vampires

I am Anna and i live with my two sisters Rosy and Lizzy and We are witches.I know witches only love that but we also love One Direction.We when concert tickets and backstage passes and we couldn't wait to go.What will happen to them when they find out something no one knows.Will they die or will they fall inlove with someone.


1. the tickets

"Omg"I yelled jumping up and down."Thank you,Bye"My sister Lizzy said.She just got us all front row tickets and backstage passes to a 1D concert!My sister Rosy walked in and instently knew A.K.A she read our minds.Were witches so we have lots of powers."I don't know what i'm going to wear"Lizzy said worried.I luaghed and went to my room to pick out an outfit i couldn't wait.Since i'm a witch i decided to use my powers to speed time up so i did.When i walk out of my room it was the morning and they were making breakfast."Good morning"I said and sat down to eat.I couldn't wait to go




********Authors note**********************************************************************************

I know it's not much but it will get better i promise!

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