Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


6. New people and what a shocker!

Tabby's POV

Louis and I danced until the party was over. Then he came up to me. "So Tabby, you think I'm a loner, huh?" I looked at him. "Maybe." I said quietly. "Well, no. These are my friends. There Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Harry. "Hey guys." I waved at them politely. "Hey there....Tibby?" Niall guessed. "Close but no." I gave a small laugh. "It's Tabby." "Oh, okay." He gave a slight nod. "They got all of the good girls here." Harry told me. " 'Cause we're the best." I grinned. "Huh, I wished I was a lot like Zayn. He doesn't have to worry about being cheated on." Liam said. "It's because my girlfriend is loyal to me. I'm loyal to her back." Zayn shrugged the whole thing off. "Anyway, we gotta go." Louis told me. Just then, I pulled Zayn to the side. "Hey Zayn, you never mentioned your girlfriend before. May I ask, who will that be?" I blinked at him coyly. "No can do Tabby. Unless you aren't going to tell anyone." "I swear Zayn, I cross my heart." I did a little cross over my chest. "Good, you won't believe. Do you know Macera Perez?" My mouth was gaped at the information. "No lie?" "No lie." "Wow....so you gonna leave, right?" "Yeah, don't tell anyone though. I want them to find out themselves." "I won't Zayn. Your secret is safe with me." "What secret?" Liam came up to us and overheard us. We looked at each other. "We had a secret about....elementary school stuff." I lied. "Yeah." Zayn added hastily. "Oh, okay." Liam shrugged and walked off. "That was too close." I said. "Tell me about it." "Anyway, so let's go." Louis motioned Zayn. "See ya soon Tabby." "You too Zayn." The 5 left.

A/N-I need 3 people to be Niall, Liam and Harry's girlfriends. Notice: First come first served ;) 

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