Good Girls are bad girls that havent been caught

Bad girl + Bad boy

Good girls, are the bad girls that never get caught!

Angel Summers sounds like a good girl, well she is to the teachers. She is so bad that she never gets caught.

Harry Styles the Womanizer, bad boy, one night stander.

What happens when you mix these two together?


1. chapter 1 Graffiti and Bitches

"Angel you shouldn't be doing that!" A wimpy voice from behind me said.

"I can do what I like" I replied shaking the spray can that I was holding.

"But its vandalism" the wimpy voice said again.

" I don't care!" I replied spraying the red paint on the wall behind the school.

"Yo Bitch sup?" A raspy voice said walking up to me and snaking his arm round my waist.

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