Bad boys

A young girl is sent to a strange, privet school were everything is new, weird and a bit alarming. Along the way she gets herself in a bit of a pickle and must learn to trust her newly found friends and.... Herself. Old granny ( her guardian ) used to go to this school and knows a lot of the parents, she introduces them to the young girl called Kira. Eventually the six boys who befriend Kira start to become closer and more like family. However even I don't know we're this tale will go, so let's find out.


2. New school?

"O.k, coz this isn't weird enough. Look will one of you please come and sign this so I can leave?"
A tall boy stood up at the far side of the room along with an extremely smaller one, the tall one looked like he was in collage and the smaller looked like he'd just come from primary! They both started to walk in my direction, along the way a middle size boy stood up and followed them, then two equally tall and finally the one who I think is the leader walked at the front. 
"We are sorry miss..."
"Kira. And I don't really want to stay here so can you please sign this?"
"Ah. But madam we must insist you stay, for once you enter through those doors you are a member of our club. But if you really need it I will sign." The leader took the sheet and signed, then he sort of half smiled like something was pleasing him, I looked at the signature and to my disbelief it said ' Jake mud-good ' the son of one of the most wealthy men in all the world. As I was about to thank him the door opened with a click. I turned my head to see that Miss Love ( the old woman from before.) was standing right there,
" Kerry! I thought you said that it was hard for you to walk the distance!?" 
" Ha, my dear that was just so you would come to this school. You see I went here myself when I was your age. And well... I thought that you should go too, I mean you already met the six finest boys here. The sons of my old friends I do believe." 
Ok now I'm just confused, my head was spinning and I felt dizzy, I went to lean on the table but missed and landed on the floor, I could hear the girls all whispering to each other, 
" oh my how embarrassing."
" she just did that for attention" 
I tried to get up but someone had ahold of me and refused to let go, I opened my eyes and my mouth dropped in shock as to who was holding me.... The mysterious guy from before but this time he looked kinder and less intimidating, 
"It's ok I've got you, don't worry I'm gonna take you to the nurse, Miss I think you should stay here. Since you know these boys." And with that he left and the door didn't click, it slammed behind us as he swiftly took me to the nurse.
When I opened my eyes a black silhouette was hovering over me, they were cooling me down with a damp cloth. When I tried to move a sick pain come over me, I felt hands on my shoulders pushing me back down as if to say,
"Don't try and move. Just lay down." My eyes widened as that was just what I was thinking.
"Can you read my mind." I looked questionably at the figure as I laid back down. 
"No, it's just common sense not to get up straight after fainting." What! I f...f...fainted! Ok now why did I...
Oh yeah now I remember, I mumbled under my breath so this mystery person couldn't here me, hey! This is that mysterious  guy from before! 
"'s you. That guy from the stairs, why?" 
"I was curious to see if you was telling the truth. Is that such a crime?" His voice was that of a child getting into trouble, however he didn't change his facial expression, 
"Well no but. Wait a minute, before I say anymore I think I deserve to know your name at least." We sat there for a few moments until he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, finally I broke the silence,
"You do know I'm not leaving until you tell me right." He just looked at me and stared.  The silence just hovered and remained. Finally he took a deep breath and began to speak,
"Fine. But don't scream or flap or anything like that." He looked at me waiting for my answer I just stared at him waiting,
" name is Hikaru Miles." Once the words left his mouth I sat there processing the name, then suddenly it dawned on me this boy was the son of the third richest man on earth. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open, I could see that he was waiting for me to scream or do something. However I just regain my self control,
"It's nice to meet you, and be able to call you by your name." I smiled at him and just sat there with my legs crossed and my hands placed on my knees for support. 

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