His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


18. The Moment of Truth

Niall's P.O.V.


Harry called me, said that he needed someone to pick him up from the police station because he was in trouble.

What did that kid do? 


Emma was with me that day and she promised me to go with me so I could drop her off at her place after we got Harry back. 

"What do you thing he did?" She asked me when we drove there.

"Dunno. It's Harry and he has been acting really weird yesterday, acording to what I've heard from Zayn when he called this morning.


Acording to him, he has been distracted and when Liam called Gemma last night she said that they didn't met in weeks. He is hiding something and I think that I have the right to know since I'm the one that is getting him out of there." she laughed softly and kissed my cheek. 


"You are an amazing friend Niall. He is lucky to have you. And so am I." But Lauren doesn't has me anymore and I don't have her. I'm not that lucky.

"I know. I am lucky to have them and you too. I can't lose any of you right now. I already have lost way too much." "Don't say it like that Niall. You'll find her back, just like you did last time. You know she loves you very much."

We didn't spoke till we arrived. I was sunk in my toughts and so was Emma.

"We're here. Do you want to come with me or stay in the car?" she went inside with me after thinking.

"I see him! Come Niall!!" she yelled and run to him, me following her with a foot distance.



Arianna's P.O.V.



After breakfast I left for school by bus. Daddy needed to work today and when he saw me getting in the bus he drove away directly.

Once I was at school I walked to my classroom to see that I was the first one there.

"Hello there?" A tall woman with dark brown hair walked to me and sat down on Daisy's chair, next to me.
"Hello Miss..." I didn't knew her.

"I really am sorry to bother you but... I'm kind of new here and I'll be Miss Mary's assistant for the upcoming weeks." I liked this new teacher. She seemed really nice to me.

"Could you tell me your name and the name of your friends? So I can already learn them?" "Sure I can... But can I then know your name too please?" I was curious to this new person's name.


"Gem- Gemella" she seemed to hesitate by her name.


"My friends call me Gemma. Gemella is too long for them. But for you I'll me Miss Jonhson okay? And now I can know your name cutie?" I giggled slightly and nodded happily at the same time.

"Yes you can Miss Jonhson. My name is Arianna Rivers. And my best friend is Daisy Herderson. You are sitting on her chair at the moment." she smiled at me and I smiled back.


"So you are Arianna Rivers?" She asked me and I nodded. 

"That's me Miss Johnson. Why?" Why was she interested in me?


"Because I have heard about you a lot. Do you mind explaining to me?" Of course it was about the



"I was in an accident and I lost my memories. But I remember some things already! Like-" the bell rang and Miss Johnson stood up.



"Do you mind talking to me a bit longer while the break? I wanna know a bit more about you. I'll wait for you at the door okay?" and with that she left. Not waiting for me to answer.

I would go to her... She was nice to me so I would be nice to her. And daddy told me to always help people who are new at stuff.



Harry's P.O.V.


It was her. It really was Lauren!

I had to prevent myself from screaming because that would be heard.


Gemma, Erika and I had been preparing since quater past seven. Non of us could sleep well that night.

I was up at 6.30 a.m. and left early. Without waking the boys up. Who were getting over their hangover from last night.

I might or might not kind of fed them drunk.


*that morning*

"What are we doing to do with your hair?" Gemma sat in Erika's kitchenchair.

"Dark brown! Like me!" I shouted and both girls laughed at me.
"Why not? Wigg or dy?" Gemma choose the wigg, Lou had dyed her hair a couple weeks ago again and she didn't wanted that to be ruind that quick.

"Good, hair is done. Now how do we get you in?" Erika made sure that the wigg looked as naturale as possible and was as steady as could be.

"We go to her class, that's step one." I stated. "Well, it's more like you go and we'll watch you go." she nodded and sat down on my lap.

"Smart Harry. That was the easy part. Now how will we find contact with her?" True, really true.

"Well...-" Erika had already tought about a plan for this and she informed us about everything.

After 15 minutes we got it all together.

Gemma would be the teacher's assistant for this week and she wanted to get to know the students.

"There you go girl! You know what to do. Get her back!!!" I hugged her tight and she laughed awkwardly.

"I'll call you when I am there okay? And remember, don't say a word because she'll hear it. Be quiet for once." I nodded like crazy and Erika gave her a hug as well.

"Good luck Gemma. Arianna Rivers, remember? She probably has blonde hair by now. You can do it." Gemma nodded and left, leaving me and Erika behind.

"She can do this you know. If that really is Lauren we'll get her back to where she belongs." I told Erika to calm her down.

"I hope so, I can't believe that it isn't her. What if Louis was right and I just want her to be Lauren?" "Don't think like that Erika... You know what you saw and I believe it's her. He couldn't have hid her forever... At some point people would have suspected, and that he sent you away only confessed it more that he has something to hide, which is related to Lauren." As I said it made sence to mee.

If he had just ignored Erika's outburst we wouldn't have gone here. But he did. He led us to her and now he was gonna lose her.

"Guys! I'm here." Gemma called me to say she arrived at the school.

"I really daubt wether this is a good idea or not. We could get in jail for this Harry. All of us!" Could we? Could we get in jail or saving Lauren?

"Not if we do this right. Now put that stupid cell in your jacket and lets get started!" I heard her sighting but she did what I asked her to.

"Hello there" The classroom was empty except one little girl with blonde hair. She turned around and looked at Gemma. Her face was covered by her glasses.

Gemma played her act good, impressive. 
She almost slipped her name but covered it quickly and unnoticable.

"Yes you can Miss Jonhson. My name is Arianna Rivers. And my best friend is Daisy Herderson. You are sitting on her chair at the moment." Arianna Rivers! Lauren!!!

The little girl looked up and the cam caucht her face.

Lauren! Is really was her, her face her beautiful eyes and her sweet and happy smile!

I missed that smile and I wanted it to be there for us again. I wanted Niall to be the reason she smiled again or me and Louis' lame jokes to her!

"I told you Harry... This is the girl I saw." Erika whispered in my ear and I hugged her tighly.

"I was in an accident and I lost my memories. But I remember some things already!" so that is why she didn't recognized Niall on TV. He prevented her from seeing it and she didn't remembered herself... She forgot who she was herself...



"Do you mind talking to me a bit longer while the break? I wanna know a bit more about you. I'll wait for you at the door okay?" Gemma rushed out, probably nervous for the teacher to show up, and when she was outside again she got her cell.out of her pocket.

"It really is her isn't it?" my teary eyes said enough to her. 
We'd get Niall happy again. That little Irish lad would be able to breath and sleep again without crying or being hurt from the inside.



"Come back at us. Break is more than 2 hours away. We need a new plan for this... We get her back." when Gemma cancled the call I started screaming and jumping.

"You were fucking right Erika! Louis should have believed you or told Niall!" Erika didn't moved but a few tears slipped her eyes.


"Don't cry love. We get her back and you'll get your wraak to Louis. I promise you okay?" She nodded happily and I kissed her forehead.


"Thank you Haz. Thank you for believing in me." "Always babe, always." I looked her in the eyes. Our lips inches apart.

"I'll always believe you" I locked my lips on her's and kissed them softly.


I pulled away, looked in her eyes and I saw shock. I didn't regretted doing it. I wanted to kiss her ever since Louis first introduced us. Alost a year ago.


I waited long enough. I have never waited this long to kiss a girl in my entire life! I'm losing it, the flirt reputation!!! 


"And I will always love you." I still saw shock in her eyes and I grabbed her hands.

"Erika I know you say you aren't interesten in boys, especially not in me, but please. Please give me the chance to prove that I'm worth your love. Would you go on a date with me please?" She shook her head and pulled her hands out of mine.


"What if I say yes-" Yes? She was saying yes?

"On one condition Styles..." "Everything for you babe. Everything you want!" she laughed at me and opened her mouth again.


"You better not do anything like that ever again or I'll kick your manparts till you won't be able to get children ever again. Understood!" I nodded at her and she only stared me down.

Luckily Gemma rushed in and the awkward situation ended.



"Are you really sure Harry? Are you sure you just want her to be Lauren?" "Gemma listen to me! Even when it's true that I want Lauren back more than anything else in the world I am two hundred per cent sure that it's her! She got in an accident, that's why she doesn't remembers anything and he only tries to make it worse! Erika was sent away because she could remind her of who she really was... What he said about her having it hard enough with only trying to remember herself it was the biggest bullshit ever! Gemma it is Lauren!" She shook her head.

"If you want more proof then give this to her when you go back." I search in my pocket for the picture. 


"And this is?" "She said she remembers stuff. Maybe she does... But I'm sure that it has nothing to do with Arianna Rivers. She remembers how she really is. Only she deforms it into something she thinks is true. Things she got told are true. Gemma think about it..." she was still refusing to believe and Erika asked about the picture. 

"When was this made anyway? They look so happy together..." I nodded and looked at the picture. 

"It's from when she just got part of the family. Before all the drama started to happen." Niall expained it us a couple weeks ago. 

A couple weeks ago, still Harry's P.O.V.* 


"What's this Niall? I've never seen this one." Louis shows a picture of Niall and Lauren, both covered in glitters. 

"This one... I forgot about it. When I was at my mom's with her... Two days before she got taken. She was making something for Theo and she never got to end it... We wanted to end it while the last shows of the tour. But she never got the chance, and she started to beautiful..." We looked at each other and back at Niall who was sunk in his own toughts. Probably about her. 

*Flashback, Niall's P.O.V.*

"Hello beautiful. What are you doing?" I just woke up and walked downstairs where Lauren was making something with mom.

I looked over her shoulder and saw the picture of Greg's wedding. She drew a heart around everybody's head. Mine was the biggest. I felt honoured. 

"Good afternoon daddy! You're a sleepy head and now..." she had one arm wrapped around my neck and I didn't noticed that with the other hand, she picked glitters and threw them in my face. "You're also a glitter head!" She giggled loudly and I couldn't think that someone would want to ruin something that innocent and sweet as her.

"What have you done there? I hope that it isn't what I think it is" she giggled even more and I laughed at her.

"Because if it is than I think that you know what will happen" I held her wrist with my left hand and with my right I threw the glitters all over her face and hair. She shook her head and a part of the glitters flew trough the living-room.

"Daddy stop! I won't do it again. Please stop!" I laughed and kissed her nose quicly which caused glitters to come in my mouth. 
"I don't believe you but anyway. I'll stop" mom laughed and shook her head. 

"You two! Don't move till I have my camera here" Lauren and I both nodded and mom run away to get her camera. 

"Here it is. You two smile and say cheese!" I smiled at my little girl and hugged her a little tighter. I would never let anything bad happen to her again. Now she was in my life she would be safe, forever.

"One more guys. You look wonderful" I laughed and Lauren ran to mom to see the picture. 

"You look wonderful with glitters baby. Really pretty." she smiled at me and hugged me with her tiny arms. She'd never get hurt again. I'd save her. 

*Back to Niall's explaination, Harry's P.O.V. again* 

"I'm sorry Niall. I didn't knew. I'll get it away from-" "No... I wanna have it. It's the only thing I have left. Thank you for finding it for me Louis. Thank you." He grabbed it from Louis's hands and walked to his room. He locked the door and didn't came out for two days. 

Only after we called Emma and she came for the fourth time he opened the door and let her in. They cried together and it was heartbreaking. And that only because Louis found a picture of them, still happy together. 


*Back to the normal time again! Harry's P.O.V.*


"He holds her so tight. Like he... Like he already felt that he'd lose her..." Erika said with a sad voice. "And you think she'll remember him from seeing a picture?" Why was Gemma that negative about this? 

"Yes! If she remembers things that didn't even happenend she will remember things that did happen! Stop being that negative about everything Gemma!" she shook her head and I turned away from her. 

"And if you don't want to give it I will. I wanna be there when she remembers. I want to be able to bring her back to her father again. Because I know that it's really Lauren!" Erika shook her head and tried to bring another subject up.

"Are you hungry?" I shrugged just as Gemma. "Is this some Styles thing? The shrugging the shoulders?" I laughed softly and - how ironic - I shrugged again. 

"I take that as a yes. Gemma you too?" "Yes please, I'm starving." I laughed and turned around again. We couldn't use a fight right now... It would only complicate things more. 

"I'm sorry Gemma. You just have to be less stubborn okay? And then I'll try to be less iritating..." she laughed and gave me a hug. "You better be little brother." 

"And one happy family again!" Erika walked in with some sandwiches on a plate.

"Yes we are again. We need to be one team if we want to succeed." she nodded and we ate our lunch. 


"It's time again!" It was almost twelve o'clock and that meant, time for the second part of our mission. Getting her to remember Niall. 

"We'll go with you and just wait there till you give her the picture okay?" Gemma agreed and the three of us walked to the school. 

With every step my heart beated louder and faster. We were getting Lauren back. I felt her presence... Call me crazy but I did felt it. 


Arianna's P.O.V. 

As promised I waited at the door when the break started. Miss Johnson was there after two minutes and I waved at her. 

"Hello Miss Johnson!" she smiled at me. "Hello Arianna. Why don't you come with me? I have found a quiet place where we can talk if you want to." I agreed and walked behind her trough the school. 

"Here!" We stood infront of a massive wooden door. She opened it with a key and I walked inside when she turned the light on. 

It was small and there was only one couch. A red one, against the wall. There was a cubboard and a table and that was it. Why would they use this room?

"You told me that you remembered things this morning. What did you remembered?" I nodded happily. I could tell someone that I remembered mommy's wedding picture! 

"I remembered a picture that I used for a thing for my grandmom. I don't know why I used it but I know that I did use it." She smiled at me. 
"Amazing Arianna!" "I know. Daddy was so happy that I remembered something. I feel bad that I forgot everything we once did together. He says that it's okay but I know that it hurts him very much. I feel bad about it." 

"Don't feel bad for that okay? You couldn't have done anything against it... But if you remember that then maybe I have something that you can remember as well." Where was she talking about? 

"I have a picuture for you. Your father gave it to me once so maybe you remember it. And if you don't then he won't be disappointed because he'll never know that I asked you this." So she was a friend of daddy as well? 


"We can try Miss Johnson!" she laughed and searched for something in her purse. 

"Here it is... When you look at it you have to tell me everything you think okay? And don't be ashamed if you don't remember. I just wanna help you." I nodded and took the photo from Miss Johnson. 


It was a photo of two people covered in glitters. A girl and a guy around the age of twenty-five I think. 


I didn't knew the man but the girl I really did know. 

"But that is... That's-" 


Hello everybody! Who is it??? Will she remember something more?  Will she even be Lauren? So many questions and too less answers...

I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway! Give me some feetback please!!! Would really help me out. 

And a question. Did you understood the flashback part? It made sence to me to write but that's mainly because I know what I mean with it. 
Tell me if you understood it or not. I can always explain it once again! 

See you next time! 

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