Harry Potter's Adventures With Albus Dumbledore (Book One)

Harry Potter, also known as the boy who lived, is learning from Hogwarts School Of Witch craft And Wizardry. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world, is teaching Harry The Importants of life, and all the information he will need to kill the Dark Lord.
This book is told through the eyes of Albus Dumbledore


1. Prologue

"Hagrid, I need your help." Said Dumbledore

"Professor Dumbledore sir?" Said the giant named Hagrid.

"I need you to go to Godric's Hollow to Lily and James Potter's House to retrieve Harry Potter, so that I may bring him to his Aunt and Uncle's." Said Dumbledore "Meet me at Number 4 Privet Drive at midnight tonight."

"Alrigh' Dumbledore sir." Said Hagrid and he set off.

Dumbledore returned to his study, and he started doing his regular thing of pacing back and forth. He was upset about something. It was bothering him, that he may perhaps never know the answer to. He kept thinking "Why would Voldemort try to kill a child, and why couldn't he kill him?" Suddenly an owl appeared at his window with a letter from the Minister. He had been invited to a Ministry Of Magic celebration party. 

Apart from the fact that he was happy Lord Voldemort had died, but he had a theory, that Voldemort didn't die, he survived just barely and is bidding somewhere waiting for someone to come along, for a chance to become human again and pursue the child. 

Dumbledore left. It was time to go to deliver Harry to his Aunt and Uncles house. He appeared like a pop on the corner on the block. He took a little lighter out of his pocket and clicked it. Instead of producing a flame it sucked all of the light from the street lamps into it. 

He proceeded to walk to number 4 of Privet Drive, where to his great surprise he saw a tabby cat sitting on the garden wall. He knew who this was. 

"Professor McGonagall" chuckled Dumbledore merrily. 

He turned to look back at the cat but it was no longer a cat he was looking at, it was a women wearing emerald green robes, she was old, and had a stern look in her eyes.

"Albus, how did you know it was me?" She said. 

"My dear professor I have never seen anyone sit so still against a wall before." Said Dumbledore 

McGonagall gave him a swift look and said "You would be stiff if you were sitting up against the wall all day, I haven't been at a single party myself. Knowing all of this rubbish. Do you know what they are saying Albus?" 

She waited for him to respond, when he didn't she continued.

"They are saying, that You-Know-Who showed up in Godrics Hollow and, well,... people are saying he killed Lily and James Potter?"

Dumbledore Bowed his head.

McGonagall clutched her heart, and she said "Thats not all, they are saying he went there to kill Harry Potter, but he couldn't. Albus they are saying that he couldn't kill the child so he exploded."

Dumbledore Bowed his head a second time.

The McGonagall burst into tears, "Oh Albus I didn't want to b-believe it,.. i-it's just s-so cruel, After all the p-people he's killed he c-couldn't kill him." 

Dumbledore patted her on the shoulder and said heavily "I know, I know".

Suddenly there was a low rumbling sound. Just as a giant bike hit the ground McGonagall Jumped up expecting an ambush. But however it was Hagrid and in his arms was Baby Harry.

"Dumbledore sir, and McGonagall" Hagrid said bowing his head, "I got Harry hear sir'" he added. "He fell back asleep a little while ago."

"Hagrid, your late" said Dumbledore.

"Come on lets get this done" said Professor McGonagall, looking around her.

Dumbledore took Harry out of Hagrids arms and put him on the doorstep, he tucked a letter in the blankets.

"Whats that" McGonagall pointed to the letter

"It's a letter explaining everything they will need to know." said Dumbledore.

They stood there for what seemed like a while. Then Dumbledore said "Well I guess thats it then, I expect to see you at the beginning of first term Hagrid, and McGonagall?' asked Dumbledore

They nodded, and Dumbledore said "Good" just as Hagrid was mounting the bike, and McGonagall turned and waved. Dumbledore Smiled then winked, and walked to the end of Privet Drive. Taking the lighter and twelve balls flew back to their posts. And he vanished with a pop.

He appeared in the Ministry Of Magic for the celebration party, Cornelius Fudge was waiting to greet him, and when he saw him he said loud "Ah there he his. Lets get started shall we?" He pointed through the door.

"Good day Cornelius, hope your day is well." said Dumbledore "Yes thank you":

"My day couldn't be any better, considering that the Dark Lord is gone" said Cornelius with a wide smile.

They stepped through the door and there was a huge Chamber full of people, from the Ministry, and the Order of the Phoenix. They all greeted Dumbledore as he walked up to his chair. Usually Dumbledore was given the largest chair in the middle of the high table. When the feast started alarms started going off, and the Ministry Forces where deployed to go and discover the situation. To there greatest surprise they found Bellatrix Lestrange using the Cruciatus Curse on the Longbottoms. 

Dumbledore Immobilized Bellatrix, and they carried her to Azkaban, with her trial the next day.

Dumbledore was thanked again, and just then Dumbledore received an urgent message from Hogwarts, and disappeared with a 'Pop'.



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