Movella Profile Design Competition

Just a few design ideas of mine for the profile design competition


1. My Ideas

So here is a picture to give you some sort of idea of what I think would make the profile look better.

As you can see, I've added a little something at the top. There is a trend at the moment for social networking sites to add cover photos so I decided to change things up a bit. Since Movellas is a writing site, I thought it would be a good idea to add one of your favourite book/writing quotes at the top of your pages rather than a cover image. I think it would be great if we could choose different fonts and colours for the quotes and maybe even big quotation marks to make it stand out.

Most of the design is quite simple and easy to navigate. I've made the profile image and the information section circular rather than square because I think it makes the page look a little more exciting than just having boxes everywhere. It breaks up the page a little.

I've put the movellas side-by-side to give it more of a bookshelf feel. I think it would look better if maybe the background of that area was actually designed to look like your movellas are sitting on a bookshelf.

I have also put the mumbles side-by-side as well, which you can see in this bigger picture of the design:

Instead of seeing the full mumble on the profile, there are 'Read More' links at the bottom for the ones that have more text. I just think it takes up less space on your page and keeps everything looking neater.

What you can't see on the design image above but I would like to see as part of the new profile is the option to select different colours for the page. I have put my design in black and white for this example but I think it would be great if we could pick the colours ouselves. I also think that maybe an option to change background would be a great idea. Something a little like this:

Movellas could give several images for you to pick from or you could upload an image yourself, just to make your profile more unique to your style. 

Another thing I think could be added to the profile is an achievements section for the writers who place in competitions. Perhaps just a little section of the profile that has little badges to acknowledge winners and runners up.

The fonts I used in the design are Calibri and Raavi. I made the text a bit bigger so it looked clearer on the picture but realistically it would be smaller.

Overall I just think it need a little more unique style for each member.

Hope you like my design and thanks for taking a look!

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