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1. Movellas Profile Design

My Design

A profile page should be attractive and draw an audience, but also easy to handle at the same time. I've created a design that lets you handle your profile page in a simple and appealing way. Here's a run through of my idea.


Background: I think that when you are creating your profile page, you should have the option to customize it. Having a background image is one of the main and most attracting things about a profile. When customizing, you should be able to add a background picture, or at the least, choose between background colors. Backgrounds give the profile page a more attractive look.


"About Me" Section: The "About Me" section consists of the profile picture, the name, the biography, and general information about the person. It isn't very different than what we already have, but there are a few additions. The Profile picture and the Name are attached together, as it is right now. The bio of the person is beside the picture to the right (center). That much is similar. But to the right of that, there is the general information column, containing the gender, location, age, and their status. The status is basically telling you whether the person is 'online' or 'offline', but for further additions, it can include a status message. The green dot means the person is online. A red dot would symbolize that they are offline. Extra: It would also be nice to maybe change the background of the bio section, just to make it slightly more decorative.


The Fans Section: The Fans section is separated into two: the Fans and the Fan Of. That is almost exactly like we have right now. The "fans" shows your fans and the "fan of" shows the people you are a fan of. You can view all your fans by scrolling through the pages available from the scroll bar (dots at the bottom).


My Movellas Section: The My Movellas section consists of all of your movellas, both published and drafted. You can navigate between those two by clicking on the tabs "Published" and "Draft" on the top left corner. Your movellas are presented as a gallery view in which you can scroll through them using the scroll bar (the dots) below. When you are viewing one of your movellas in the gallery view, the information will be visible below. The Title, author(s), blurb, views, comments, and likes of that movella will all be available in the info box.

My Stuff Section: The My Stuff section has three tabs: Favourites, Lists, and Interactions. They are all pretty much the same as to what we have on Movellas right now, but the format may differ slightly. The Favourtites tab shows the movellas on the person's favourites list. The List tab shows the lists. The Interactions consists of four tabs: Feed, Mumbles, Me, and @Mentions. Those are basically the same as the original.


There are a lot of other factors that could be added to the Profile page. For example, a section with which you can chat with other online members (preferably friends or fans) and converse with them in private conversations, or a section displaying all the in-Movellas achievements and goals the person has achieved. Maybe even a way to change the color of the tabs on your profile page to make it more unique. Right now, as you can see, everything is blue (which I assume is Movellas' theme color) but perhaps a change would keep each profile page a little different and fun to look at. 

That sums up my idea for the Movellas Profile Page. Hopefully it was clear and made some sense. Let me know what you think about my design! :)

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