Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


10. Complications

  No one really knew I was part of the whole hundred point loss thing It was the evening of the detention but instead of studying like Hermione I was following Harry, Hermione, and Neville to detention. Hermione stopped talking in classes, so did I but I don't talk as much as Hermione. I almost cried during breakfast when and owl dropped only a piece of paper on my empty plate. Not reading the letter I left the Great Hall and threw the letter in the common room fire. It was bad enough I only saw papa in classes but he had become so busy it felt like I haven't seen or heard from him at all. I stopped roaming the castle. It left me awake for hours each night losing sleep. Rubbing my eyes I made sure they weren't wet. Since the loss of sleep, crying has been the thing I go to mostly at night. As we approached Hagrid's hut Neville moaned and Malfoy stopped. I had forgotten he was there too. Hermione looked worriedly at me.

  "The forest?" Draco's voice rose a few octaves. "We're not allowed in there....there are werewolves in there."

  "I thought you fearless Draco? Wasn't that what you boasted in front of potions the other day?" I asked and Draco glared at me. I hadn't even cracked a smile at the smart remark I made. 

  "Should've thought about them werewolves before breaking rules." Filch said. I half listened to Hagrid tell Filch off for being late. Hermione held my hand as she listened to what Hagrid said about the unicorns. I heard my name and looked up. 

  "Anna you're going with Draco, Fang, and Neville. Is that fine with you?" I shrugged and slowly followed the boarhound who followed the boys. The path was easy to follow. Neville jumped at each cricket noise. Sighing I grabbed the back of Draco's robes before he tumbled down a small hill. 

  "Have any of you been in a forest?" Both boys shook their heads. Rolling my eyes I followed the unicorn blood on the dark leaves. I was a pretty good tracker for herbs but not animals. I hated tracking animals. Papa and I tracked  a unicorn because of the tremendous amount of hair that was caught in the branches. By the time we found it, it had died. I had nightmares for a week after that. I knelt to the ground like papa did. Neville did the same.

  "What are you doing?" He asked looking lost.

  "Seeing if there are hooves in the ground. Marks that the unicorn would be. It might be a false trail because so far I haven't found a signal hoof print."  I could feel someone hovering over me. Standing up I stared into Draco's eyes. "If you try anything I will make sure you are in more pain then now. I leave you to your werewolves." Draco gulped but nodded. 

  It wasn't very further when I noticed that Fang and Draco had disappeared. I stomped my foot in frustration. We weren't off the path or on it. It had disappeared into leaves awhile ago. The blood though was thicker here and more obvious. 

  "Merlin's shining beard! DRACO! FANG!" I yelled and Neville scooted closer to me. "We have to keep moving... the thing that killed a unicorn is really, really dangerous. So we should go further and leave him with Fang. They'll be fine."

  "It seems you're reassuring yourself then me." Neville's small voice commented.

  "A little of both, perhaps." As I took a step forward the noise I had once heard seem to become silent. The blood had completely disappeared. I heard a snap and whipped around. Neville moaned. My heart pounded and all I could really hear was the blood running in my ears. There were a couple more snaps and Fang burst out of the bushes besides us. We both let out a yell but I sighed in relief. Until I heard another snap.

  "BOO!" A voice shouted behind us and Neville fell to the ground. I jumped and saw Neville shot red sparks in the air. I spun around and tackled the person into the bushes. The thing yelled in pain as I rolled off it and kicked. Standing up quickly I picked up the thing and tossed it to where Neville was. I stepped out of the bushes I looked at Draco's figure moaning. Picking him up by the front of his robes I slammed him against a tree. I was about to tell him off when Hagrid emerged from behind us a cross bow at the ready. I hadn't really seen Hagrid angry but I think this was it. I let go of his robes and Neville explained what happen. We followed Hagrid back to Harry and Hermione. I was just as angry as Hagrid. After Harry left with Draco, I was definitely done with him, I followed Hagrid as we explored further. As soon as I had gotten back into the common room I had gone straight to bed. I was tired of everything and somehow as soon as I hit the pillow my eyes closed. 

  Somehow the weather the next couple of days seemed to destroy anything pleasant the end of the year presented. During the written exams I couldn't count how many times I would lean back just to gulp air. During the practice portion of the exams I had made the pineapple tap dance right off the table and splatter everywhere making Professor Flitwick laugh. With Professor McGonagall I turned the mouse into a bright yellow and green snuffbox. During potions I thought it was ironic that we were making the Forgetfulness Potion. No one else got the irony. As soon as our History exam was over I went over our exam papers with Hermione. We were underneath the tree next to the lake. Harry was complaining about his scars as I glanced at the Weasley twins and Lee tickling the giant squid's tentacles. I continued smiling until Harry stood up and smacked his forehead. We followed him as he was telling us it was odd that Hagrid won a dragon at a bar. As we got to Hagrid, Harry asked him several question all which doomed their fears that papa knew how to get past Fluffy. Hermione had explained to me their wild theories about the stone. Soon we ran up to the steps of the Hall where we met Professor McGonagall. After she had left, confirming Harry's fear that Dumbledore wasn't here, papa appeared behind us. I gave a weak smile. After papa left Harry turned toward us.

  "Right we need someone to go keep an eye of Snape... Hermione and Anna better do that."

  "Why us?" Hermione asked.

  "That''s easy!" Ron said "First, she's a family friend and second," Ron cleared his throat and talked in a really high voice. "I'm looking for Professor Flitwick, sir I'm so worried..."

  "We get the idea, Ron" I said as Hermione flushed. 

  "Alright we'll go. Meet you in the common room." Hermione said as we started down the corridor. As we got to the staff room papa walked right out.

  "What are you doing here?" He asked.

  "I was looking for Professor Flitwick sir..." Hermione stammered. He nodded and walked back into the room. 

  "Why am I here again?" I muttered to her but the door opened and both me walked out. As Hermione started talking to the professor I hurried after papa. "So, how did I do?"

  "On what?" Papa asked a small smile formed. 

  "Potions, of course!"

  "It was a great potion. Almost perfect. I believe you bottled it to early."

  "Ugh, I was hoping to be perfect!"

  "Well, you yourself aren't perfect and that's what makes you unique." I nodded looking at Hermione left.

  "See you later?" I said and took off after Hermione.

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