Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



6. Waking up next to the my love. <3

Marie's POV

So I got Louis and Zayn up into their rooms and they woke up a little bit than went back to sleep instantly. So after Harry was done getting Niall and Liam into their rooms he came into my room and he layed down next to me. "You are so beautiful while your laying down babe". Harry said. "Aww thank you so much. Your amazing". I said. Thank you babe I love you". He said. "I love you to". I said while Harry kissed my forehead sweetly. We started making out and eventually it went a little farther. After we were done making out you know what happened next.

After we were done I texted Sophie and said :

To Sophie: I used protection! XD. After I sent the text I did a small chuckle. After a few minutes she texted back saying.

From Sophie: OMG! How was it?! Is harry good? I smirked than texted back saying. To Sophie: Yes it was good. Harry's so fricking amazing. She never texted me back. I fell asleep on Harry's chest. A few hours later I woke up and I noticed Harry was looking at me. "Morning beautiful!". Harry said before kissing me on the lips. I got up and took a quick shower than got dressed into this >


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