From the Beginning

Christina a farm girl from Tenesee gets stuck with 5 boys for her entire summer. Little does Christina know that this hot new boy band could become her one way ticket to Hollywood. While on vacation she falls head over heels in love could this mean a new beginning for her???


1. When we first met


I was sitting there as my mom was telling me how there was 5 boys staying at our barn for some community service. They were going to be here for the whole summer. I stopped mom for a second and said" you expect me to spend my summer training a bunch of crazy boys how to do our farm work." Mom gave me a sad smile and nodes her head. At that moment my dad came running down the stairs in his overalls calling out" there here there hear they finally came." My mom left me to get breakfast on the table along with 9 plates. One for me my mom my brother my dad and the five boys that were staying with us. But before I get to far Ill tell u a little about me and my family.  Hi I'm Christina Pikes.We live in Tennessee in my grandparents old farm. I have long brown curly hair and green eyes. My brother Peter is a lot like me he also has brown wavy hair except he has blue eyes. Well back to the story. After everyone came in and sat at the table I went to see who the boys were and I found my worst nightmare, 1 Direction was here to help me and my family. What was I ever going to do.

Niall's P.O.V.:


mass soon as we got off the bus we were embraced by our host family. Mr and mrs whatever there names were , I guess I wasn't really paying attention because as soon as I looked up I saw the most beautiful girl ever. As we were talking to Mr Pikes I guess his name was I saw her starting at us. Would we get to spend the whole summer with her?

hope u guys like the book so far.., I wonder what's gonna happen hmmmmm😊😊😊💗💗

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