My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


16. The Last Straw

Stiles explained that the house was practically surrounded and whatever it was that wanted me so badly, would get it eventually. I thanked him for reassuring me of my situation. He apologized. 

I told them I was getting tired, and was going to go to bed now, and Lydia accompanied me upstairs so I could get changed and all that jazz. 

Changing into long plaid shirt and braiding my hair again, I joined them downstairs again and we decided to all sleep in the living room. I would sleep on the big couch, Lydia on the small couch and Allison and Stiles were on the floor. 

So I curled up on the couch and fell asleep. I didn't even have time to say goodnight, I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

In my slumber, no nightmare plagued me, not threat of death passed through my mind and I actually slept peacefully for once since that first attack. 

"Scarlett!" A voice shouted, "Get up, we have to go!" 

I sat up on the couch and saw Allison standing over me, wide, expectant eyes staring at me. 


"We have to go, they're closing in on the house, we have to go." She said. 

I quickly got up. "Can I get changed?" I asked. 

"There's no time, we have to go. Like, now!" She exclaimed and started to wake up Lydia and Stiles, who quicker than I, got up and got their shoes on. I slipped on a pair of plain black ballerina flats and headed out after Allison. 

She was right though, they were closing in on us. Golden eyes stared at me as we ran to Stiles' jeep and closed the doors. Allison was holding a bow and sheath of arrows, along with her bag that I know suspected was full of weapons.  

Stiles pushed us forward in the jeep and narrowly missed one of the wolves, then speeding off down the street with some in pursuit of us. As soon as we turned onto a busier street, they let off and headed into the forest. 

"Where are we going?" Lydia asked. 

"Scott's house." Stiles answered. 

And we kept driving. Scott's house appeared down the street and Stiles was quick to park and let us all run onto the porch. Allison stayed with her back to the door, an arrow drawn on her bow, watching and waiting for something to attack. Stiles knocked. 

Scott answered the door and saw us all standing there, confusion written across his face till he saw Allison and her bow. He understood. We were let in. 

I sat on the couch and everyone sat around me. 

"Scott?" Isaac's voice rang out. "What's going on?" He turned into the living room and realization spread across his face. 

They were in pursuit. It was down to the last straw. They weren't giving up just yet.

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