My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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13. Uh Oh !


                                 ~Alice's P.O.V~

  When Zayn and I left the restaurant I felt sick I think I ate a lot. When we arrived to my home I ran to the rest room. I kneeled down and picked up the toilet led ad picked up my hair and threw up. " Babe are you okay?" Zayn says while drawing circles in my back. I finish throwing up and flushed the throw up, I went to the faucet and turned it on and cupped my hands and splashed it on my face. " yea I'm fine I think I ate to much or food poisoning." He came to give me hug and we stayed together hugging for a few seconds and I pushed back. And went to the toilet. I threw up again . Zayn was with me giving me tissues to clean my mouth and nose. It tasted disgusting!

  After throwing up for the past hour I brushed my teeth and put my tooth paste away and tooth brush. " Baby I'm scared Baby!" I say while hugging him and crying. "shhh babe , it's going to be okay." He says to me giving me a hug. I went to the kitchen grabbing Zany's hand, I grabbed a water bottle "do you want one?" I ask him " sure." I hand him a cold water bottle and I took medicine for a headache and stomach. I took the little container just in case I throw up again. " let's go to my room babe." I tell him . He walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waists " you okay Alice ." he says in my ear. " yea, I think it's maybe I ate to much". I tell him guiding us to my room. we walked in my room I took off my shoes and shorts and undid my bed and went under the covers and Zayn right beside me . I look to see what time it is and it showed 5:28. " I'm tired babe, I'm going to sleep". I say and to sleep.

  I wake up and run to the rest room again. I left up the toilet seat led and kneel down and throw up. It's been the 3rd time and I'm worrying a lot! Zayn had to leave because his friend car stopped in the middle of the free way. I throw up again and again. I made a promise to myself that if I keep throwing up in the next 24 hours I'm going to have to go to the hospital. Right in my deep thoughts I threw up again. I whipped my mouth and nose to get rid of the barf that I had left over.

~ 24 hours later ~

  I kept on throwing up, I had to go to the hospital and I didn't tell Zayn. My mum went with me, she was worried also. When we arrived to the hospital we had to cheek in and sign some papers. My stomach was still hurting bad but not as bad as the last 24 hours. "Mrs. Peterson?" A lady says . I stand up and also my mom. " so Mrs. Peterson why are you here today?" she questions " well I've been throwing up the past 24 hours but I think it might be food poisoning ." I say to her. " May I talk to your daughter alone please." she says to my mum, my mum walks out the door. " have you had sex?" she says and looks at me. ' oh my God!' " Yes" I say back to her " there is only one thing" she says putting her index finger up. " and what is that?" I say nervously. " you may be pregnant." she says. " am I going to have to take a pregnisty test?" I say to her nervously " yes ma'am" she says.

  She leaves and I tell her I'm pregnant  she was really happy ! 'God why do I have the best parents?' I tell myself. We left the hospital and went to the store to buy a pregnisty test. When we finished paying we ran to the car and went to our home. I ran to the rest room and closed it behind me. I followed the directions, pee on the stick and wait for 2 minutes. I was worried, nervous. "MUUUUUM!!" I yell and I start crying, my mum came in the rest room and I hugged my mum " it's positive mum" and I start sobbing in her arms. " Oh my God Alice I'm excited your going to be a mum and I'm going to be a grandmother, and I'm going to have a grandchild." she says and she cries with me. I put the stick back in the box and throw it away. I run to my room and call Zayn.


Zayn: hello babe?

Alice: hey babe I have great news!!

Zayn: what?!

Alice: were going to be to be parents babe ! were going to have a baby!

Zayn: What?  he laughs Oh my god Alice babe oh my god babe I'm going to your house in a few minutes meet me outside k babe?

Alice: okay babe text me when your here.

Zayn: yes babe k bye see yea in a little.

Alice: k bye babe Love you

Zayn: love you too babe

  He hangs up and I'm so happy this is like Oh my God. I jump in my bed and fall in my back. I laugh and I pick up my shirt " hey there baby, I'm your mommy and I will love you forever and will bot let anything hurt you." I start crying,  tears of happiness.

  I felt a vibration on my phone and unlock it and Zayn is here. I run out of my room and sprint to the front door and go outside Zayn was out of his car and I run to him I jump and he catches me he kisses me and he twirls me in the air. This is going to be a great begging of a new life with Zayn and OUR new baby.

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