My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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16. Dinner with Zayn


                                                          ~Alice's P.O.V.~

   I let go of him and kissed his cheek he soft of blushed "i'm tired lets go to bed yea?" i said with a smile and grabbing his hand. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I guided us to my room. And no not to do that.

  We did the bed and I put on some shorts and a t-shirt which were clean. And he stripped his clothes off. "Oh my god Im such a lucky basturd" I said to myself. "God he has a nice body. Am in heaven?" I said to myself. "what are you loooking at?" he says with he's Irish accent. " I think im in love with you niall" I said looking at my lap and playing with my hands. He came up to me and kneeled on his knees and picked up my chin and kissed my lips. My lips on his are so perfect with each other. He broke the kiss and I was confused and I gave him a look confused look. He chuckled I love it when he chuckles. "I love you too but ... but your Zayn's and I have to respect that even though I get jealous some times I have to respect that okay babe I'll be here when you need me always." he says kissing me one more time in the lips.We layed down and my back was facing him and he rested one of his hand on my hip. "your so beautiful Alice." he whispers in my ear. I dont know how he makes me feel so loved. "thanks Niall." I say turning my body to his direction. My eye lids began to be heavy,I yawned and I curled up in a ball.

  I was awaken a annoying sound or alarm. I look at my left and see niall is gone I was worried I got my phone. And saw a text from niall i opened it and read ' good morning sunshine! I had to leave cause the boys were wondering where I was anyways I love you and hope every thing turns out okay bye babe xx~Niall ' I smiled at the text and texted a thank you and love you too.
I looked at the time and it showed 11:36. I got out of bed and did the bed. I went to the restroom to go pee. After that I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I got out and needed clean clothes and I had dinner with Zayn. So I decided to go with the black dress that I wore when I went to dinner with Andy and some black flats, cause during pregnecy if you wear high heels your feet are going to kill you like alot! So then I got my purse and got $20 just in case and I put my phone in my purse. And my make up I just put mascara and eye liner so my eyes could pop out alittle more. I looked in the mirror and I looked pretty good to be 2 weeks and my bump isn't showing so its pretty good.

  I walked out my room with my purse in my shoulder and I bumped into my dad "where you going so beautiful?" he says looking at me not breaking eye contact. "I'm going with my boyfriend to go get dinner." I said smiling " okay be carefull, you dont want to hurt the baby okay" he says and leaves. My phone dings and I cheeked to see who it was. I wake my phone up and it was Zayn saying hes here and I'm so hungry my stomach was growling. i walk out the door and he was on the door steps. I walked up to him and hugged "hi babe I missed you" he says breaking the kiss. " I missed you too shall we go?" I said and he grabs my hand " you look sexy babe" he says winking at me I just laugh.

  I got out of the car and Zayn and I walk in hand n' hand. It was that Italian restaurant that Andy and I came. We setteled down at a table for 2. "I'm so sorry babe about yesterday. You know I love you a lot and I promise not to hurt you." he says putting a hand on my cheek.
He promised not to hurt me any more but he lied.

  So he ''promised'' that he won't hurt Alice anymore. Anyways I dont know where the book is going. So ill write again maybe by tommorow or thursday. Hope you like it COMMENT, VOTE, SHARE PLEASE!

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