road to happiness

Delilah is 14 has strawberry blonde hair, green eyes,and freckles on her nose.Delilah always been bullied in her past because she was to skinny or she was to pale.She didnt have any friends because everyone thought she was different and weird kids made fun of her because of her looks.That all stops when a new girl moves to town named Emily. They become great friends, but will Emily leave Delilah for the popular kids.


1. The move

My family moved to Frankfort when i was 3 years old. I had 2 older brothers who were twins they were 14 and their names are Thomas and Jacob. When i was 6 they died in a car crash and my parents never been the same since. My mom cries herself to sleep everynight and my dad became an alcoholic. He left me when i was 9. I miss him dearly.


I started getting bullied in 3rd grade. Everyone called me chubby or they brought up what happened to my brothers. During the summer i would starve myself. In 5th grade i was 50 pounds thats when everyone could tell i was anerexic . Its been the same up till freshman year. I heard a new girl was moving to town and i thought now is the chance i have a second chance to make friends. When she walked in the class i was the first to greet her. She was very sweet and drop dead gorgeous. I knew she wouldnt want to be my friend beause she was to pretty to be hanging around me.

(Emily's P.O.V)

I was so nervous. What if no one found me at least decent. I found my way to Mrs. shorts math class. I walked in very slow and went to the front to find an empty seat. The teacher said "oh miss brown nice of you to join us, i hope you like your class" she turned around and got everyones attention and said "class this is Emily Brown, be sure to be kind enough to show her around" i said "thanks" and walked to the seat in the corner until a girl stopped me. She seemed kind and pretty. She said "hi, im Delilah" and stuck out her hand i shook it and said "Emily Brown, nice to meet you".She sat next to me and we talked about life and what we liked to do for fun. She said she liked to paint and color . i started to like this girl. she loved everything i loved to do.

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