...The Help (Harry Styles)

(Harry styles fanfic)
Her legal name was Aubrey Daniels, she had to change her name often. She goes where the wind takes her, her family. gone. Aubrey 19 years old, has lived a rough life of running from the thing that scares her most. She's been to more states than she can count, and hasn't had 1 friend since 6th grade.
**sneak peak**
New York City, the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to blend in, to be invisible. The streets were covered with people, some wearing suits. I waited patiently for the cross-walk sign. That was until i heard my name being called. my LEGAL name. I turned and looked for the person who was calling my name.
"Aubrey Daniels!!" I turned and saw a boy, about my age, tall, brunett curls and piercing green eyes. I turned and sprinted through the crowd, pushing past people.
"Stop!" I refuse, i have ran for too long and im not giving up now.


6. chapter 6: risks





   I got to my apartment, Harry trailing behind me. After our talk at the coffee shop, Harry decided it was a better idea for me to stay with him. for "safety". how does he think i made it 7 years on my own? i dont need a protector! I tried arguing but his temper scares me. I unlocked the door and saw another envelope on the floor.

  "Harry," I whisper. His attention goes to the envolope on the floor. He holds my hand,i jump at his touch but blush and look down to the ground. I watched as Harry picks up the envelope and reads it.

  "Go get your stuff, and fast," i nod and speed walk to my room. I opened my bedroom door and stepped inside to find him sitting on my bed. His dark hair and eyes, he was wear a black shirt and black pants. I stepped back a step, i stared right into his hateful eyes. he grinned evily and got up.

  "long time no see Aubrey," i backed up a step, he stepped forward.

  "You said i had 2 weeks." i gulped.

  "I know your plan, or shall i say Harry's plan. speaking of Harry, where is your boyfriend?"

  "He's not my-"

  "Aubrey are you okay!" harry yelled.

  "Har-!" he put his hand on my mouth and spun me infront of him. Harry came running in but scowled when he saw him. I squirmed in his grasp, but he grabbed me tighter.

  "Why, Harry. it's been a long time. too long," he chuckled and threw me towards harry. "It was nice talking to you two, take this as a warni-" Before i could blink Harry tackled him to the floor. I backed up against the wall and put my knees to my chest and shivered.


 I was punching with all i had but he was way stronger than me. He kicked me off him and punched me in the face. hard. my head spun around, he kept punching in the gut.

  "Leave him alone!" he stopped punching me and stepped away from me. I watched him walked over to Aubrey. I was so weak from being beatin the shit out of, i couldnt move over to her. i squirmed, tried to crawl but i knew it was hopeless.

  "this is a warning, dont leave here or else  i will kill you and him," he walked out of the room, i heard the front door slam. I felt the blood coming down my cheek and eye-brow. My vision was blury, then everything went black.

  I woke up to a bright light, great i died. wow im going to heaven.

  "Hey god," i murmmered.

  "Im Aubrey not god." her chuckled rang through my ears. i shot up, regretting it cause my stomach hurted like a bitch. "You need to lay down, he really punched you.. a lot.." i sat back down on the couch, how did she get me on the couch in the first place? im like 100 hundred pounds more than her. why didnt i have a shirt on either?

  "Where is my shirt?" she blushed and handed it to me but quickly looked down after. "Why do you do that?" she looks up, her cheeks are still red.

  "Do what?"

  "You blush but then you look down," this makes her blush more, she looks down but then picks her head up. her blush was cute, wait? why am i saying this!

  "I dont know. it's just a habit," she smiles lightly. "Do you want anything? water?" i nod and watch her go to the kitchen. I have to get us out of the united states and fast.


  hello haha omg my school is having a talent show! im video taping it! you thought i was going to be in it?  nope, ya'll wrong.

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