Best firends for ever right?

"You promised that we would keep in touch! You told me we would always be best friends! Was this all a lie?"

"We will always be best friends Lucy I promise you. When I leave for X-Factors we will stay in touch."


11. Hugs and drama?

Harry's pov: When I saw Lucy standing in my door way of my house I could hardly believe my eyes. It was really her!!! I ran up to her pulling her into my arms and swinging her around like I used to do all the time. "What happened to you Harry?" I looked at her confused. "What do you mean?" She looked up at me the tears still in her eyes. Only she wasn't laughing and smiling any more. "You told me that after you left that we would keep in touch. Yet you never ounce text, called, snap chat, face book, or kicked me since you left." I wanted to tell her that I had searched for her every day after I left. Only before I got the chance to get my words out she was gone. "Maybe it was a mistake to meet you again Harry. Good bye I hope you have fun being a pop-stair." I could tell she was hurt but I also knew that their was no way she could be feeling the pain that I was feeling when she left. It was like the X-Factors all over again for me. When she told me to chase after my dreams and leave her I told her no because I wanted to stay with her. Yet she just pushed me away so far that she could hear me cry when my heart broke. It looked and felt like it was happing all over again. I just wished that I could run up to her and kiss her and tell her "I LOVE YOU LUCY" I know that I'll never be able to do that though. I looked down at the ground as she walked out the door. When I heard the door close I ran up stairs and cried my eyes out.

Lucy's pov: I ran out the door after seeing Harry look so sad. I felt so bad for saying that. I was supposed come here and have a great night/dinner with my old friend that I've kind of  had a crush on since we were little. I sat out side his door and cried my eyes out. I felt so lost right now.

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