Who You Thought You Knew

My names Amanda my best friends name is Zoe. I don't know how to put this in a non-bitchy way but were the popular girls. We even had relationships with the popular boys:one direction. You would think life's great right? We'll ur wrong. We'll u r now at least cause life was great. But then we end our relationships with one direction and our life's go to hell. Your probably wondering why? Well I'll tell you how. In the story I will at least.


2. Meeting A Helper


When I woke up everything was a blur. Where is Amanda I thought. I could not see anything. The room was pitch black. I finally tried to get up and find my way out then I realized I was tied down. I pulled and yanked at the rope for about five minutes when I layed my head down. I heard the door creak, at first I thought it would be Niall. But then I saw a light brown shaved head, Liam, I did not even think. I just blurted out "Where is Amanda! Why are we here!"

He takes a deep breath"Amanda is back at the bench, the one you were originally at and you two are here because 1. You broke Zayn and Niall's hearts and 2. Since you two are rich Niall thinks that if your parents want you bad enough then maybe they'll pay him... I am so so sorry." He says sitting down.

"If your so sorry, then why would you Louis and Harry help him!"

"They threatened to kill our moms." All is suddenly silent for a few minutes a then I say "I am sorry..."

"Louis, Harry, and I have a plan to get you out of here though."

"Oh my god, for once I actually have hope!" Liam laughs.

"Your really funny Zoe." He smiles and looks up at me into my eyes and scoots a little closer to me. When he does that I have a sudden knot in my stomach. My throat feels dry and I can't talk. I look up at him in his dark brown eyes. He places his hand around my shoulder and I rest my head on his shoulder. Everything is silent and I close my eyes and relax.


When I wake up my eyes are blurred. Did I fall asleep I ask my self. I feel warm lips on my forehead. Then everything comes bake to me. He lifts up my head and lays it down on the bare mattress. I hear the familiar creak of the door. And it's not long before I fall asleep again.

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