Please Don't Leave Me

Savannah Schneider first met Harry Styles on the first day of kindergarden and since that day, they have been best friends.

On her 15th birthday, Harry tells her that he loves her. She said it back. They shared their first kiss.

On her 16th birthday, Harry told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She then told him that she had a doctor appointment the next day and asked Harry to come with her. He said he would.

The next day changed both of their lives forever.

Harry left for X-Factor.

Savannah found out that she had cancer.

Now, 4 years later, Savannah is told she has 6 to 9 months to live. In that moment, Savannah decides to do everything that she ever wanted to do before she dies.

But on an unexpected day, Harry and Savannah meet again.

Savannah still loves him but can't hold him close again, knowing the pain it will cause Harry to find out that she has cancer and will die soon.

So for now, Harry wont know that she will die soon.....


1. Stay With Me

A/N - This is gonna be like a really short chapter, but its just to get the story started! The next one is kinda short too but Chapter 3 is gonna be good and long! Enjoy!!







- 4 Years Ago -



"I will always love you Savannah." He whispered

Then he kissed my forehead.


"And I will always love you Harry." I whispered back.


We don't talk for a while.







"I'm going to the hospital tomorrow..."


"What for?"


"I don't really know. My mom just said I have a appointment tomorrow. That's all I know. But I wanted to know if you'll go with me?"


"Of course Savannah, I'll be there."


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