•Completed• Somebody That I Used To Know

"Yeah, we used to have some good times together." The words slipped through my mouth without me even thinking. I looked at Liam who's face had gone pale, and then Louis. His expression was blank. Then he stomped away, leaving us all in an awkward silence.

One slip up, that has been hidden for years, now causes Kayla to question who her "true love" really is. Or does she already have her love, and this is all just a bad dream?


21. What


I read the tweet again, and again, and once more just to be sure I wasn't seeing things.

"Liam, you're seeing this right?" Niall walked over showing me the tweet from his phone. I held my phone up and he nodded. "What are we gonna do?" He looked at me, then at Simon, who was yelling at Harry now. We were all taking turns.

"I don't know, but we need to figure something out soon."

"The best thing is for us to stay calm through this. It'll be alright Liam." He tried his hardest, it just wasn't enough.

"Has she tweeted? Has anyone seen them recently? H-"

"Liam just shut-up!" Niall yelled at me, I just looked at him shocked. "You don't even care about Louis, you just want to know where she is." I looked down, realizing his words were true. "I see why he walked away, I'm getting to the point where I don't want to fight with this anymore either." His voice was raising, and his face was now red because of his anger with me. "Maybe he did the right thing by leaving for now, but I promise you he'll be back sooner or later, and her with him." He left it with that, and walked away.

I sighed, watching Niall walk away from you isn't a good feeling. "Niall wait." He turned to look at me. "I do care about Lou..." I pushed back my hair looking for the words to say.

"You just still care about her, more, but why? She left with Lou because she obviously doesn't want to be here anymore..." His sentence trailed off.

"And?" I threw myself back into the couch. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

"Well, if she still loved you, don't you think she would have stayed?" He spoke with caution. "I saw you talking to Dani yesterday, why don't you call her? Maybe she can help." I didn't even catch his last words, it just hit me.

"I love you Niall..." I kissed his cheek and got off the couch. "You're a genius." I yelled as I ran out the door. I couldn't wait for a chaperone, I just had to go.


"Kayla? Kayla, are you ok?" I asked worriedly. She answered the phone when I called, not saying anything, but I could hear her sniffles.

"What do you want Liam?" Her voice was harsh, but I could tell more tears were coming.

"It doesn't matter now, are you alright? What happened?" I could just see her crying face now, getting more annoyed with me. She sighed, and I heard some voices in the background.

"I'll talk to you later Liam, it's a long story."

"No wait! Tell me where you are, I'm coming to see you." My heart went faster as I realized I actually spoke those words.

"Too far from you." I let the words replay in my head, soon they faded as Zayn snapped his fingers in my face.

"We have to go now." He was out of breath, probably ran the whole way here.

"How did you find me?" I looked away from him, out at the view of the city.

"The same way I found Lou. Are you coming or not?" He was still out of breath, I've got to bring him to work out with me sometime.

I stood up brushing myself off. "Let's go."

He smiled, nodding. "Give me just a moment."

"Zayn, I'm not waiting. Come on." I started to walk away, he followed. Soon we made it to the streets, and got into a taxi.

"Where are you going?" The driver looked at us. I looked at Zayn.

"Do you go outside the city?" The driver nodded. Zayn pulled out a slip of paper that had something on it. "We need to go here." He handed it to the driver, he just looked at it and nodded again, then we were off.


"Where are we going Zayn?" I whispered, this is the first word I've said in hours.

"I have not a clue, that's just the address it gave me. You can trust me though Liam, you have to." I looked out the window, it was getting dark now. How long is this going to take?

Soon after that thought, we pulled up to a long driveway. "This is it boys." The man nodded at a house on a hill, you could see all the lights in the distance thanks to the darkness. "Sorry, you'll have to walk the rest of the way, too rough of a drive for my old babe here."

"No problem." I kept my was on the house. She could be in there right now, I was so close to her, yet so far. "Thank you." I climbed out grabbing my wallet.

"This one is on me." Zayn pulled out a lump of cash handing to to the man, after that he drove away quickly. I've never seen a taxi move that fast. We walked in silence, until I noticed Lou's car parked right in front of the house.

"They're here." I pointed at the car. We walked by it up to the door.

"You knock." Zayn looked at me. I shook my head.

"No way. What if she answers?" I just realized I was sweating, and my heart was basically about to burst. He rolled his eyes, but knocked anyways. I heard a little shuffling, a dog barking, but soon a little boy was in the door frame.

"Mommy? It's not grandpa." He yelled to wherever mommy was.

"Who is it then?" I heard a voice I wasn't expecting to hear as mommy. Soon she appeared behind him, her face turned pale when she saw us. "Jason, this is Zayn and Liam, they're some of Louis friends." She crouched down next to him, he looked a little shy until she said Lou's name.

"Hi, I'm Jason." He waved a little wave. "Louis is in the kitchen. I'll take you to him."

"You take Zayn, I need to talk to Liam. I'm sure Zayn could do a really cool design for the cake?" She raised her eyebrows at Zayn.

"No, of course I can, just lead the way." Jason took his hand and they left. Kayla stepped outside, her eyes tearing up again.

"Look at me." I lifted her head so she was looking at me.

"Liam, you still don't get it do you?" She shook her head out of my hand.

"What are you talking about?" I looked at her confused, she just ignored me. She wiped her eyes, then pushed her hair back.

"Jason, well obviously he's mine, but Liam..." Before she even spoke I realized what she was going to say. Her eyes met mine, everything making sense now. "He's why I broke up with you."

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