•Completed• Somebody That I Used To Know

"Yeah, we used to have some good times together." The words slipped through my mouth without me even thinking. I looked at Liam who's face had gone pale, and then Louis. His expression was blank. Then he stomped away, leaving us all in an awkward silence.

One slip up, that has been hidden for years, now causes Kayla to question who her "true love" really is. Or does she already have her love, and this is all just a bad dream?


16. Desperate


"Hey Lou." I turn to see Liam standing in the doorway. 'What do you want now?' is all that went through my mind. I raised my eyebrows to let him know I was listening so I could get back to work. "We are gonna head out to eat, this is the only time Paul said he'd take us. Do you want to come?" My mind was saying no, but my stomach was saying yes.

"By we, who do you mean?" He didn't answer at first, like he was trying to find a good way to put this.

"Harry, Kayla, and I." I turned to face him, which I think made him uneasy.

"Yeah. I'm quite hungry, and I could use a break from all this." I gestured to the piles of pictures that needed to be signed.

"At least I can say I know the feeling." Liam threw his jacket over his shoulder and a picture fell out of the pocket.

"This is a good picture. I remember this day." I handed the picture back to him. He just smiled then stuck it in his front pocket.


"It's like they knew we were going to be here and they were just sitting here waiting for us." Harry was talking to Liam about all the paparazzi.

"Excuse me if I'm interrupting anything, but my boss sent me over to ask if you would like to sit somewhere more private." Her dark green eyes didn't go with her black hair. Her hair was long and thrown up in a pony tail. She smiled at me, which means she was talking to me. I looked at everyone, all nods.

"Yes, we'd love to. If it's not any trouble?"

Her face lit up, then she shook her head. "No, no trouble at all. Come this way. Oh my name is Kalie by the way."

She started to lead the way to a room in the back. "This is our reservation room. Watch this." She walked everyone to the doorway and pulled a curtain closed. "It's not soundproof, but I definitely can't see you guys." She opened it back up. We all followed her to the first table.

"So what can I get you today?" She ignored Harry's intimidating glances, she looked right up at me.


"Last plate, sushi for Styles. Do you need more juice?" She took his little kid cup, tries to walk away, but Harry starts to flirt with her.

I take my gaze from Harry at the end of the table to Paul sitting next to me. He didn't seem to notice anything yet, enjoying his food. Then I looked at Liam, who was sitting across from Paul, he rolled his eyes at something Harry said as he took a sip of his drink. Kayla sat across from me, next to Liam. She looked up and smiled at me, but I couldn't smile back.

"Ok. Well, Harry I have to go. I think my boss was calling for me. Thanks for talking with me." She patted Harry on the shoulder and left.

"Oh man. I didn't think she was going to pull that one." Liam shook his head just thinking about it. "I knew that wasn't going to work." Liam took another bite of his food, taking a quick glance at me.

"Shut up Liam." I growled, shoving my plate away.

"Are you going to tell your girl friend? Or Harry so he can stop wasting his breath? How about the pretty little waitress herself?"

"Did I flirt with her? Did I look at her? Did I think about her? No! So Liam don't turn this into something it's not." Nothing else was said. We all sat in silence as everyone else finished their meals. I just decided to relax in my seat and listen to the crappy music they played in here.

A song Kayla must have known came on, her eyes widened as she tried to listen better. "Shush for a minute." She snapped at Harry and Liam. When Liam heard it he perked up too. "Is it the song?" She looked at him. I glanced at Harry, he just shrugged his shoulders. Liam nods and she smiles. I get up and walk to the doorway, thinking back to the hotel, wishing I was there. Then I remembered the picture Liam dropped, and I knew what to do.

"Is she your girlfriend?" I look from my phone to see Kalie.

"I don't know." I looked back to see Liam feeding her.

"What you are about to do isn't the right thing. Trust me Louis. I did that and I'm alone. He just felt sorry for her. Stupid tramp didn't know the guy has AIDS. The sad part is, I don't feel bad that I never told her." She smiled, shaking her head.

"How did you know?" I hope she didn't take that wrong.

"Ok here's the short story. No sex before marriage told him that, so after three years he asked me to marry him. I wanted to get him tested before the wedding, he agreed so we got it done. In the two months leading up to the wedding my best friend came along and stole my fiancée. I had his tests, and it showed he was positive for HIV/AIDS. I never told her though. And now they're married."

"Wow. This isn't like she's getting to know him. She used to date him. After two years I feel like I barely even know her." I was beginning to think that I should just let her go.

"Do you know why she broke up with Liam?"

"No, and neither does he." We both looked at them smiling at each other.

"They're connected in a way. You're familiar with fate? Well fate wants them together. That's why you picked her, of all the girls there. You are part of the plan, to bring them back together." She smiled at them, then at me.

"Thanks Kalie. Oh and Harry, should at least give him your number." She looked at me shaking her head.

"You don't get it do you? I just made all that up. Right here on the spot hoping you would realize she is no good for you. I don't like Harry. I'm sure he's a good guy, but I like you Louis." She walks out through the curtain. That's something to take in, but not the time. I look over to see Liam brush back a piece of Kayla's hair. He said something, then they were dancing. Harry was tugging at Paul's sleeve. Then Paul walks over to me.

"Lou maybe -" He doesn't get it.

"No Paul. I have to know." I looked at them, then Harry watching us from the corner of his eye, then at my phone. I remembered the picture again. Was this the right thing to do? I looked at them one more time. Yes it was. I started scrolling through my contacts, hoping the number was still there. I skipped over it multiple times. Finally when I found it I clicked on it and walked out of the room. When she picked up I was relieved.

"Dani. I need your help."

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