•Completed• Somebody That I Used To Know

"Yeah, we used to have some good times together." The words slipped through my mouth without me even thinking. I looked at Liam who's face had gone pale, and then Louis. His expression was blank. Then he stomped away, leaving us all in an awkward silence.

One slip up, that has been hidden for years, now causes Kayla to question who her "true love" really is. Or does she already have her love, and this is all just a bad dream?


19. Alone


"Where are we even going?" Kayla said looking out the window. I shot a quick glance at her before looking back at the road.

"To be honest, I don't know. Is there anywhere particular you want to go?" Since she didn't answer I kept driving. I'd make a left here or a right there to have it look we were going somewhere, but I think she caught on.

"Just pull over for a minute." She finally said something. I did as she said though, and pulled over into an empty lot. The longer we sat there, the freakier it got. "Ok you can go. Just take a right at the next turn, and then for a little while it'll be nothing but straight." She just looked at her phone, as I pulled out. I was curious, yes, but I had to get out of here before something bad happened.

"Now may I ask where we are going?" I looked at her as I made the right turn. She looked at me kinda worriedly. "Is something wrong." I glanced again, she just shook her head.

"No. I just don't want you to freak out when we get there, that's all." She started biting on her nails, one by one they started to disappear.

"Why would I freak out if we're going to see you're mum?" I looked over at her wide eyes with my smirk and raised eyebrow.

"Wh-, but... How'd you know?" She sat straight up, grabbing her phone off her leg.

"I recognized the address." I bobbed my head at the phone as I drove. "Don't worry, I know how to get there."

"Lou, you say you won't freak out..." She started to twirl her hair. "But I'm afraid you will." Then faster.

"Everything will be ok. Why don't you climb in the back, try to rest? There should even be a blanket back there." She didn't move, or answer me. "Why do you think I'm going to freak out?" I asked changing the subject.

"Lou, you know I didn't come here for you?" I nodded my head knowing perfectly well she didn't.

"I know, but what does this have to do with anything?" I started getting tense thinking about her and Liam together, but I couldn't think about anything else now.

"You'll see..." She went quiet, I didn't know what to say, so I was too. "You're here now." She said to herself. "That's all that matters right?" Again talking to herself, shaking her head after she finished.

"Are you ok?" I stopped at a red light, and just stared at her. I couldn't help it.

"I could ask you the same." I saw the red turn green in her eyes, but I didn't go anywhere. There were no cars behind us, there hadn't been anything for miles. This town was dead too.

"Just this is great." I turned my car off, relaxed in my seat, and started to watch the light change colors.

"Let's take a walk." She opened her door and got out. I did the same, meeting her on the sidewalk. At first she didn't talk, or even walk with me. She was walking ahead of me, but she finally wanted to talk. "I wanna go home Lou. I don't -"

"I do too." I took her hand, and it was almost like the first time. I had to keep telling myself 'Two years... Two years... No big deal.' I don't think I convinced myself even then. "Can I ask a favor of you?"

"You can ask, but I can't promise I'll say yes this time." She gave me a smile, this was going so much better than I expected.

"I want you to stay. Although you came for Liam, will you stay for me? I don't know if I can take it alone this time. I talk to Harry, but it's different... You know?" I became sad suddenly. I kept hoping to hear a yes, or a no, something, but it was silent. "You don't have to." I added. We had turned around, and I could now see the car again. I tried to focus on the distance, the light, but somehow it led back to her.

"Please answer the bloody question so I can stop freaking out over here." She was a little taken by my outburst at first. We stopped right by the rear of the car, her eyes met mine again, the blue a different color than before. "I can't ever forget this moment. You can't ever let me forget me. Promise?"

"Why?" Finally she acknowledges something I say.

"Just promise me you won't?" I tucked her hair away as the wind picked up.

"Tell my why Louis. If you do, I'll give you my answer, and I'll promise to never let either of us forget it." If that wasn't convincing enough she topped it all off with a kiss.

(A/N: Kissing two One Direction members in one night... Now that's got to set some kind of record?? Lucky girl...)

"Because in moments like these, you are the most beautiful." She pulled me back in, this time it was different though.

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