Your Time

To all those who feel down; to all those who feel abandoned and alone. Remember to keep believing and keep hoping.
I've been inspired by the song 'Look through my eyes' by Phil Collins. I added the song's link.


1. Your Time

Hated, injured, bullied
Crying, self-harming, bleeding


Though it shouldn’t be happening,
You keep thinking you’re abandoned
Without even realizing,
That if you keep your eyes closed
You won’t see the weak light shining.


Someone will be waiting;
Someone will be smiling;
Someone will be laughing;
Just remember it won’t happen
If you do not reach his side.


Dancing, singing, laughing
Happy, confident, proud


Though your time still hasn’t come;
Keep thinking it is getting closer
Without even noticing
All that is said behind your back.
Stay focused on that growing light.


One day, you will stop waiting;
One day, you will be smiling;
One day, you will be laughing
With that special person
Meant to be there for you.


Your time finally came
Because you kept believing it would.
Without you even realizing,
Little by little,
The light has taken over darkness.

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