Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


13. I'll see you soon Justin Drew Bieber.

I got a letter today.

I remembered what it was from. Yale.

I opened the letter and read it.

"Dear Samantha Jones, Congratulations you have been accepted"

I looked down the paper.

"You have to start with in 14 days"

I shoke my head and threw the paper at the ground.

I took it up again and founf their phone number.

I called them.


Yale: Yale university. 

Sam: Hello. my name is Samantha Jones. Uhm i got a letter today saying that i was accepted.

Yale: How may i help you?

Sam: You see, i have a boyfriend here in LA. and i cant leave him right now. Is there any chance you can move my acception 2 or 3 years?

Yale: Ma'am this is one of the best universitys in the counrty. 

Sam: I know, but im really cant start this year.

Yale: If you cant start with in 14 days then your acception has to be removed.

Sam: BUT I..

Yale: Im sorry ma'am there is nothing i can do.

Sam: Well. thanks.


I hung up.

I started crying.

I took a deep breath and walked downstairs.

I took on my shoes and ran to Justins place.


How was i suppose to tell him this?
I had to leave him. AGAIN.

The was no good way to say this.

He would get crushed.


I walked towards the frontdoor and knocked on it.

Justin opened up.


Justin: Sammy!


He kissed me but i didnt kiss back.

He stopped and looked at me.


Justin: Why are you crying? Whats wrong?

Sam: Can i come in?
Justin: Yeah.


I walked inside and got down on the couch.


I started crying again.


Sam: Please dont hate me.


Justin stood infront of me and looked down at me.


Justin: I could never hate you. I love you. 

Sam: Dont say that. please.

Justin: Why? Sammy whats wrong?

Sam: I.... I.. I've been accepted on a university.

Justin: Sammy, thats amazing! Why are you crying then?

Sam: It's Yale.


Justin stopped smiling.


Justin: What?

Sam: I have to move there within 14 days.

Justin: But.

Sam: Im so sorry Justin, when i applied for it, i was with Pete and he told me that he would accept it.

Justin: I'll move with you!

Sam: Justin...

Justin: You cant leave me.

Sam: Justin, im so sorry.


I started crying even harder.


Sam: Im so sorry.


Justin walked towards a wase and threw it at the ground so it broke into millions of peaces.


Justin: Thats bullshit!

Sam: Dont be mad.

Justin: How can i not?


He started yelling at me.


Sam: Justin, i have to go there.

Justin: Why? You have me, i have alot of money. you dont need it.

Sam: Justin, i want to go.

Justin: Why? Sammy you cant leave me.

Sam: Justin, please dont do this.

Justin: You cant leave me, you just cant.


I didnt say anything for a while, i just cried.

Justin sat down behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

I felt his tears on my shoulder.


Justin: Say something, im giving up on you.

Sam: Justin... i would've followed you anywhere. and you know it.

Justin: Im here, stay. stay. stay.

Sam: Justin, i have to go.


I turned around.

His eyes were all red and full of tears and so was mine.


Sam: I have to go.

Justin: No, no, no, no.


I got up and walked towards the door.

I took my hand on the doorknock, when Justin ran towards me and grapped me from behind.


Justin: Sammy, dont go.

Sam: Justin, this is my dream.and you told me to follow my dreams.

Justin: I was stupid, dont do it.

Sam: Justin, i love you.


I turned around and kissed him for a long time and then i stopped.

I looked at him. 


Sam: Dont make it harder for me to go. It's hard enough just like it is.

Justin: I love you Sammy.


I smiled.


Justin: I cant say goodbye to you. I wont.

Sam: Then dont. We'll just say. i'll see you soon.

Justin: We're still together right?

Sam: I will always be yours.


Justin smiled.


Justin: I wont give up on you.


I smiled and kissed him again.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and held on tight.


We stopped.


Sam: I'll see you soon Justin Drew Bieber.


Justin started crying again, even tho he was smiling.


Justin: I'll see you soon Samantha Jones.

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