young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


1. tickets for the concert:

Crystal’s POV:

i held back the tears and turned around then ran outside. "Crystal wait" i heard Harry yell but i ignored him, i was even mad at Louis. i was running when i started to cry and i soon felt a strong arm wrapped around my waist that stopped me.

i turned around to see Harry. "it's not what it looks like" he said. "YOU STILL LOVE HER HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID TO LET MY HEART BREAK TWICE I HATE YOU" i yelled then ran all the way back home.

sorry, let me tell you the story from the beginning.

“Hi my name is Crystal and I’m 16 years old” I spoke in front of my classmates, well actually my new classmates, it was my first day. I’m an exchanged student from New York and now I’m in the city of my dreams London. I made my way to my locker after English class ended when a girl ran towards me.

“hey my name is Abbie” she said in excitement. “hey I’m Crystal nice to meet you” I replied. “we are going to be great friends, agree?” she said making me chuckle. “sure Abbie” I said.

*after school*

I was walking to my Aunt’s house since I was going to live with her till the end of the year when Abbie called my name. I turned around and saw her running towards me with some sort of papers in her hand. “Crystal guess what?” she said hiding the papers behind her back.

“I give up what?” I chuckled. “we are going to one direction’s concert tonight” she yelled showing me the tickets. Yeap they were tickets!

“Abbie that is really nice of you but I have to ask my Aunt’s permission first, wanna come over?” I asked. “sure I’ll convince her if she disapproves” she replied making me laugh. She was growing on me, maybe she could really become my best friend after all.

“hey Crystal” My aunt said opening the door for us. “hey this is my friend Abbie, Abbie this is my aunt Victoria” I introduced them then the three of us walked into the living room.

“so…umm… Abbie has something to tell you” i said looking at Abbie who looked at me with the I’m gonna get you back look. “okay well I got us tickets for one direction’s concert, can you please let Crystal go? It’s tonight and we won’t be late we promise” she said.

Aunt Victoria laughed which made us a little confused. “I actually know Harry styles, his mother and I are good friends so I definitely don’t mind you girls going, I’ll pick you up myself” she said making Abbie’s eyes and mine wide open.

“you know Harry styles? The harry styles?” Abbie asked then hugged my Aunt. “I love you so much” she said making us laugh. Maybe I will have the chance to meet Harry and the rest of the band in person.

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