Do You Remember Me?

What happens when Niall breaks up with Autumn before he goes on x-factor and they meet again a couple years later? Will she take him back? Will they learn to love again? Will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! <3


14. Chapter 14

"Do you still have feelings for Niall?"

This caught me off guard. Honestly I really am not ready to answer this question yet..

"I um- I like you, Luke." I said stuttering.

"You didn't answer the question Autumn.." Luke said looking at me sadly.

"I-I" he me cut off.

"You even have to think about it?" He sighed. "Autumn I think it's best we break it off before you lead me any further." Then, he turned and walked out of the cafe into the pouring rain.

"Wait, Luke!" I yelled running outside. I grabbed onto his shirt before he got into the cab. "I really do like you. I'm just not sure my feelings yet."

"Autumn.. You really had me falling for you."

"I was falling for you too. I just don't think I'm fully over Niall.. There's no point of liking someone who doesn't like you back! I like you Luke.. And I know you like me too." I said getting soaked from the rain.

"He likes you too."

"How do you know?" I asked crossing my arms.

"I can see the way he looks at you. You look at him the same way.. Autumn just go get him. I understand." Luke said smiling weakly at me.

"I love you, Luke. You're awesome." I said hugging him.

We got in the cab and were on our way. The cab driver dropped Luke off at his and the other guys house and I was now in my way to Niall's house he shares with the guys.

I walked through the door and walked to the living room and saw Niall sitting on the couch, watching soccer on tv.

"Hey Niall."

"Hey. What are you doing h-" I cut him off and kissed him with all the passion held inside me. He kissed me back and I felt him smile.

"I've been waiting for that." He said smiling at me. "Wait What about Luke?"

"We broke up.. Cause I-"

"Love me?" He asked smirking.

"Maybe.." I said blushing.

"I love you too."

"How do I really know you love me?" I asked smirking.

"Cause everyday you've been with Luke, I've felt my heart breaking more and more. Just seeing you around him killed me inside. I can't get you out of my head."

"Well now I have you all to myself." I said leaning in and kissing him on the lips.

We got more into the kiss and I grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and he did the same until I realized where this was going.

"Niall st-stop." I got out.

"Oh. I didn't mean" I cut him off.

"It's okay."

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