True Love



2. Chapter 1

Andy's P.O.V.

Rush hour. Ahhhhgggg

Ever since I started working in this café I get so stressed out. So many people yelling in all different directions. It seems like my thought all get mixed around, some even seem to disappear.

Anyway at least I had my boyfriend to look foreword to. Well I would consider him my best friend. His name is Luke Cliffords. He is such a gentleman but I just don't - feel anything. He extremely handsome and so caring bu-

(A/N only 5sos fans will understand. No I didn't mean Luke hemming or Michael Clifford's I mixed the 2. Don't freak out)

I was awoken from my daydream.

"Could I get a black coffee with no sweetener?" A man wearing the suit shouted from across the room. I was awoken from my daydream.

"You got it!" I quickly replied while turning around to another table who looked like she was ready to order.

"Umm... Can I get a Carmel latte with a tablespoon of sugar?" The woman in the pant suit and in her early 60s spoke.

I violently scribbled down her order and replied back "Coming right up!"

I went to go give the orders to the coffee maker when a woman screamed in my ear.

"You gave me the wrong coffee!" Yelled not getting up from her table.

"I so sorry" I spat out "let me go get you the right one."


The sound of glass breaking filled the air when I rapidly spun around to go get the women's order. We sere both soaked with piping hot coffee. I had ran into the most handsome blue eyed man. He was a couple inches taller than me and had brown hair. I could here his friends laughing around us. He breathily said sorry but I couldn't stop looking into his vibrant eyes.

"Good going Lou" I heard one of his friend say snickering to himself.

His name is Lou.

I just realized that I had been staring into this 20 some year old mans eyes for couple of minutes. This should be extremely awkward but it seemed like I knew this man my entire life.

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